Town in Cuba militarized after anti-government signs appear overnight

Troops were deployed to San Antonio de los Baños, where the first protests broke out during the July 11, 2021 uprising, when signs all over town protesting the communist Castro dictatorship showed up Wednesday morning. The signs were posted on electrical poles around the city and called for liberty and a future Cuba free of tyranny. The overreaction by the Cuban regime shows the Castro dictatorship is terrified of another uprising, which they will not likely survive again.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Tension in San Antonio: Town wakes up to anti-government signs and militarized streets

A climate of tension erupted in San Antonio de los Baños, in western Cuba, after anti-government posters appeared on several electricity poles this Wednesday, leading the regime’s oppressive apparatus to militarize several areas of the city.

The event was corroborated by a collaborator of CubaNet who is in that locality and was able to confirm it with other witnesses.

The flyers, calling for “Day Zero,” urged to “free the homeland from those who have plunged it into misery.”

“Cuba First is a national movement for a free tomorrow where we build a prosperous future with everyone and for the good of all.” Cuba First is to free the homeland from those who have plunged it into misery and oppression. Day Zero is the day when Cubans will take to the streets to begin the first day of a full, dignified, and just life,” read the call that appeared on Calle Ancha and in various parts of the city.

The text appears under the signature of Cuba First, the name of the movement founded by Armando Labrador, along with Ktivo Disidente, Esteban Rodríguez, a former political prisoner, and which has gathered numerous people within Cuba. In a press conference last month, they stated that the goal is to achieve freedom for Cuba.

“Life will begin on the day freedom is achieved,” said Labrador. His call has been for peaceful protest and the unity of all Cubans.

Other posters, featuring the image of Díaz-Canel, a clock, and the words “Tic Toc,” were circulated this Tuesday, during the first night of blackout that San Antonio experienced, which is currently in the midst of tobacco harvesting. “Time is running out for you, you have hours left, this is a time bomb about to explode,” one sign said.

The events, reminiscent of the call for a protest in the Church Park, originated in a Facebook group, and led to the massive demonstrations on July 11, 2021, have sounded the regime’s alarms.

At noon this Wednesday, troops from Havana were sent to the locality. At that time, they also evacuated workers from several centers, closed the Caribe TRD Store, ETECSA, and the bank to instruct them that tonight, fearing a revolt, they should stand guard during the scheduled blackout.

Patrol cars, jeeps, motorcycles, and State Security agents positioned themselves in the area of the Church Park and the boulevard Park, to suppress any action by dissidents.

Despite the fact the posters were removed early in the morning, the tension continues, said the source to CubaNet; the expectations that this second night of blackout will unleash a protest keep the regime on edge.

Popular discontent seems to be increasing as the inefficiency of Cuban leaders becomes more evident and as the people continue to suffer from hunger and prolonged blackouts.

This weekend, tired of the intermittent electrical service, the people of Holguín showed their frustration in protests.

In at least four areas, Cubans took to the streets this Saturday to demonstrate against the poor government management that left them without electricity for long hours.

In urban areas and peripheral neighborhoods, riots were recorded. In one case, several people threw rocks at the place known as El Perrito, leaving it without windows, as well as a pharmacy.

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