The Dominican Republic says ‘no’ to Haitians

What else could go wrong in Haiti? First, the nation is in total chaos. No government. Gangs running the streets. The armed forces can’t keep order and another leader has fled. Second, the neighboring Dominican Republic has shut the door to refugees. 

This is from the BBC:

The message the Dominican Republic appears to be sending is no matter how bad things become at home, Haitians should not seek refuge on Dominican territory.

Last month, the country’s president, Luis Abinader, demanded in an appearance before the United Nations Security Council in New York that the international community step up aid to Haiti and deploy a multinational force there.

He urged the UN to ‘fight together to save Haiti’, but warned that if no help was forthcoming, his country would ‘fight alone to protect the Dominican Republic’.

Questioned last week about the possibility of receiving Haitians fleeing unrest, Mr Abinader categorically ruled out accepting refugee camps on Dominican soil.

Those being returned to Haiti face real uncertainty.

How do you say “disaster” in Haitian Creole?  You can’t blame President Abinader because he has his own poverty problems.  How is he going to absorb thousands of refugees?  He can’t, and that’s why he is calling on the UN for an intervention.

We hear that President Biden is considering Gitmo as an option, but that’s a small place.  Are they rowing to Florida?  I hope not, because many will drown.  Are they going to Cuba?  No.  How many will find their way to the U.S.-Mexico border?  We don’t know, but there were quite a few at Del Rio, Texas, last year.

Another day, and another day of misery in what must be the most miserable spot in our neighborhood.  Nothing works in that country, but the OAS does have the responsibility of sending a peacekeeping force; however, the OAS is worthless when it comes to problem-solving.  

So say a prayer for the poor people of Haiti.

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2 thoughts on “The Dominican Republic says ‘no’ to Haitians”

  1. I have long thought that what happened in Cuba would have made far more “sense” in a place like Haiti, which had never flown right or worked well and could thus fall for for a would-be messiah who promised to make everything wonderful. In other words, Haitians would have had FAR more of an excuse than Cubans.

  2. Egypt won’t take in Gazans. Dominican Republic won’t take in Haitians.
    Not to worry.
    Biden will take in everybody. He is even flying them in. Next step giving everyone who gets here the vote.

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