Cuban Communist Party official to speak before the New York City Bar Association

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship is sending one of its top officials to speak before the New York City Bar Association. Yamila Gonzalez Ferrer, who is a member of the National Assembly and vice president of Cuba’s National Union of Cuban Jurists, has publicly sworn her eternal allegiance to murderous dictator Fidel Castro. For Cuban American attorneys who are members of the NYC bar, and any others who have fled communist tyranny, this is nothing short of a slap in the face.

Via The New York Post:

A top official of Cuba’s communist party — who has pledged eternal allegiance to her “commander” Fidel Castro — will be a featured speaker at the New York City Bar Association later this month — galling those who fled the brutal dictatorship.

Yamila Gonzalez Ferrer — the vice president National Union of Cuban Jurists and member of the Cuban National Assembly will discuss “the newest developments in Cuba’s public health law, which provides the legal framework for fulfilling health care as a right, not a privilege,” the bar gushed in a LinkedIN notice last week.

“Cuba offers world-class health care to all Cubans, free-of-charge, emphasizing prevention, primary care and the active participation of the community. Cuba is also an innovator in the development of life-saving drugs,” added a description of the March 21 event at the association’s 44th street headquarters in midtown which also promised a Q&A with Ferrer.

Ferrer, 54, is enjoined by Cuba’s “Code of Ethics of Jurists” to “be faithful to the ethical principles emanating from the history of the Cuban nation of the Communist Party of Cuba” and to be faithful to the teachings of Fidel and Raul Castro.

“Always with you my commander,” she wrote on X on Fidel Castro’s birthday last year.

In Fidel Castro “we have the privilege of finding indigenous and universal political and legal thought, which guides our commitment to the social project of the Cuban Revolution,” she added in another post.

It’s disturbing how an organization that is supposed to be dedicated to truth, justice, and rule of law, would host a member of a regime that has destroyed all semblance of justice and liberty over the past six decades. However, it is not as disturbing as a group of supposedly smart and well-informed jurists so easily fall for Cuban communist propaganda.

If you wonder how Cuba’s corrupt, brutally oppressive, and murderous totalitarian dictatorship can remain in power for 65 years, it’s because supposedly free and democratic organizations continually give the regime oxygen.

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