Babalú History Class: You may be hearing a lot about President Grover Cleveland in 2024

We remember President Grover Cleveland, who was born in New Jersey on this day in 1837.  He died in 1908. He was the only president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms in the office. He won in 1884, lost in 1888 and came back to win 1892.

We may have a repeat of that if President Trump comes back in 2024 and everyone is talking about Cleveland again.

Here is a great trivia question: What First Family had a baby in the White House?  The answer is Grover Cleveland who married Frances Folsom during his first term. 

The couple had a daughter Esther or the first child born in the White House. Frances lived until 1947. Esther lived until 1980.

Well, I don’t expect Melania to have a baby like Frances. On the other hand, Mr. Trump could do a Cleveland in ’24!

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