A desperate Cuban dictatorship pleads with the U.S. for a diplomatic thaw

The massive protests in Cuba this past Sunday shook the Castro dictatorship so violently that on Monday, the regime was pleading with the U.S. to return to the diplomatic table. Cuba’s communist regime is desperate for some type of “win” to show the Cuban people and the world it is still viable, even if it’s just cosmetic.

Despite accusations of U.S. interference in internal affairs on the island, the Cuban dictatorship is pulling out all the stops in the hopes it can rekindle the love affair that began with President Obama’s disastrous visit to Cuba. So far, however, Havana’s overtures have fallen on deaf ears.

Via The Hill:

Cuban officials are pushing every button at their disposal to get the Biden administration’s attention, offering talks on previously off-the-table issues such as human rights amid internal protests over the country’s worst economic crisis since the end of the Cold War.

Havana is also lighting diplomatic fires, ratcheting up accusations of U.S. interventionism and callousness in the face of human suffering on the island.

Cuban Vice Minister of Foreign Relations Carlos Fernández de Cossío called U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Benjamin Ziff on Monday to deliver a diplomatic note of protest rejecting “the interventionist conduct and slanderous messages of the United States government and its embassy in Cuba regarding internal affairs of the Cuban reality.”

State Department spokesman Vedant Patel told reporters Monday that “the United States is not behind these protests in Cuba, and the accusation of that is absurd.”

The communist government, once hopeful President Biden would reverse some of former President Trump’s most stringent restrictions on Cuba — namely the state sponsor of terror designation — is now playing formerly withheld cards, but Cuban officials say the U.S. is not picking up the phone.

“There’s not a lack of interest; what’s lacking is political will. And further, even on the issues that the U.S. government says are their priorities toward Cuba, I can responsibly tell you that there have been public and private offerings from Cuba: ‘Let’s sit down and discuss topics that they say are their priorities, like the issue of human rights,’” Johana Tablada, the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s top official in the General Division for the United States, told The Hill in a recent interview.

“But when we say, ‘Let’s go, we’ll sit down this week in Havana, in Washington or wherever and you can explain to us your concerns,’ there is no answer. There is no answer.”

It should be noted that even though the Castro dictatorship claims it is willing to discuss previously verboten topics such as human rights, it has no intention of changing its ways. What they need is the U.S. to give Cuba some type of concession, which the regime will use to calm the Cuban people down by giving them the false hope that good things are on the way.

It is a cynical ploy, but that’s exactly how the Castro dictatorship has ruled for 65 years.

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  1. Ha, ha ha. Obama must be laughing his head off. Had your chance, Blew it. Obama and Biden are fellow communist. They are your best allies and they are trying to make the US like Cuba. The US does not need to help Cuba but rather the reverse. Cuba should be helping the US in its transition to a Neo-Marxist world. So you are on your own Cuba. The US is very happy with the current state of Cuba. Be thankful you are not Haiti.

    I am amazed that with all your extensive spy network you were not aware of these things.

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