List of Cubans violently arrested for peacefully demonstrating on Sunday begins to come out

Leandro Tamayo, Oriesel García, and Karel Artiles. (Cubalex)

As the dust settles after thousands of Cubans took to the streets on Sunday to peacefully protest the communist Castro dictatorship, only the regime knows for sure how many were arrested. However, the list of those detained by State Security is beginning to be compiled. Here are the first names that have been verified.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

March 17th protests in Cuba: The first arrests verified

After the protests on Sunday, March 17th in Cuba against blackouts, the economic crisis, and lack of freedoms, the organization Cubalex has been able to verify some violent arrests by the regime to suppress the demonstrators. Cubalex has confirmed:


  • Leandro Tamayo: violently detained on March 17th in Bayamo. His whereabouts are unknown.
  • Raúl, a friend of Leandro Tamayo, was also detained in the same city.
  • Orisel García: violently detained on March 18th in El Cobre, Santiago de Cuba.
  • Another young person from the locality is also detained.
  • Karel Artiles: detained in El Cobre, Santiago de Cuba.

Through its social networks, Cubalex also reported that several demonstrators are in forced disappearance. It also specified that military and police presence was deployed during the protests in various cities of the country, including: Guantánamo, Camagüey, Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Artemisa, and Pinar del Río. Additionally, internet cuts were recorded in the protest areas.

Surveillance and threats to activists:

  • René Ronco Machín (Havana), Serguey Pozo, Alexander Fábregas, and Mariam Prieto (Santa Clara) are besieged.
  • Dagoberto Valdés was summoned by State Security in Pinar del Río.
  • José Rolando Casares and Marta Perdomo reported surveillance in Pinar del Río and San José de las Lajas, respectively.
  • Former political prisoner Ienelis Delgado (Camagüey) and activist Yamilka Lafita (Havana) received threats from State Security.
  • Yoannis Beltrán Gamboa (Guantánamo) reported surveillance and threats after being detained on Sunday.

The protests of March 17th:

This Sunday, March 17th, Santiago de Cuba took to the streets to demand “Electricity and food.” Communist Party leaders attempted, from the rooftop of a house, to quell the protests of Cubans demanding their rights and something as basic as food.

Likewise, dozens of people from Bayamo marched through various main streets of the city in the late evening of that day after the demonstration in Santiago de Cuba, shouting vigorously “Freedom!” and “Down with the dictatorship!” They walked through the streets of the city alongside a strong police presence, expressing their discontent with a situation that has brought them to the point of frustration.

In Santa Marta, on the other hand, a town in Matanzas located at the entrance to Varadero, a live broadcast showed how the locals paraded along the main road in the dark, to the beat of loud pots and pans.

This Monday, some protests were again registered, such as the one that occurred in the “José Martí” district of Santiago de Cuba. The demonstration was quelled by Black Berets; but it shows that the flame of the Cuban people is still burning.

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