Castro dictatorship blames protests in Cuba on the CIA and its ‘bot farms’

Since the communist Castro dictatorship will never take responsibility for its own failures, it needs to find someone or something else to place the blame, no matter how ridiculous. It’s a tactic as old as socialism that continues in use because it has served the left well, as we see in Cuba and the U.S.,

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Cuba Blames ‘Bot Farms Created in CIA Labs’ for Ongoing, Years-Long Anti-Communist Protests

The Castro regime in Cuba used its propaganda arms to publish multiple screeds on Monday condemning the United States and its “terrorists” for allegedly instigating ongoing protests against the 66-year-old communist system on the island.

Hundreds of Cubans in some of the nation’s largest cities, most prominently in the eastern cities of Bayamo and Santiago de Cuba, took to the streets on Sunday chanting “freedom” and demanding stable sources of food and electricity. While the entirety of Cuba’s infrastructure is in ruins, the result of decades of communist negligence, eastern Cuba has suffered some of the most prolonged routine electrical blackouts in the country. Locals complain that they go as long as 20 hours a day without electricity in some cases, threatening the freshness of the little food they have access to.

Cubans who publicly condemn the communist system can face disappearance, torture, and outrageously long criminal sentences on charges such as “disrespect” and “public disorder.” Children arrested on suspicions of opposing the regime have documented sexual assault and threats of rape from so-called law enforcement authorities.

Protests reportedly began in eastern Cuba on Sunday, attracting hundreds of people to the two largest cities of the region. Videos smuggled out of the country show large crowds of people shouting “Fatherland and Life,” an anti-communist slogan that plays on the communist motto “Fatherland or Death,” and demanding freedom. Initial reports indicated that local women and their children were the first to assemble against the government.

“This is full of people demanding freedom and change,” witness Juan Carlos Flores told the Miami-based America Teve broadcaster this weekend.

The regime responded to the protests by deploying the “black berets,” the special forces responsible for repressing Cuban dissidents. Reports indicate that multiple arrests have been made and some incidents of violence have occurred, but internet outages and state obfuscation have prevented independent outlets from fully confirming the details.

The protests continued into Monday in the El Cobre neighborhood of Santiago de Cuba, where people congregated outside the local police station.

“People can’t take this electricity situation anymore,” an anonymous protester in Santiago told the U.S.-based Martí Noticias. “There were women, children, elderly people.”

The protests are the latest in a nearly unceasing torrent of protests following the massive nationwide repudiation of communism on July 11, 2021, when an estimated 187,000 people took the streets demanding an end to the Castro regime. While international attention on the Cuban human rights issue waned in the ensuing months, protests continued on a regular basis. Nearly 4,000 protests were documented in Cuba in 2022, while 589 protests were documented on the island in July, the two-year anniversary of the 2021 protests, alone.

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  1. With just a few lines on my computer, I can destroy the sugar cane harvest, cause cows and pigs to stop breeding and shut down the electrical gird. And I am just a regular Cuban-American. Imagine what the CIA people can do.

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