Cuban opposition group says Cuba is ready to transition to democracy

Cuban opposition group Cuba Decide believes that if the international community steps up and supports the Cuban people, they are ready to break the chains of communist tyranny and embrace democracy. Led by Rosa Maria Paya, the daughter of martyred Cuban democracy activist Oswaldo Paya, the Cuba Decide initiative is confident the Cuban people are prepared for a transition to democracy.

Via the Catholic News Agency:

The Cuba Decides initiative, founded by Catholic opposition activist Rosa María Payá, is calling on the international community to side with the Cuban people and support the country’s peaceful transition to democracy, a demand made by protesters in July 2021 as well as last weekend.

Payá is the daughter of revered Catholic pro-democracy leader Oswaldo Payá, who was reportedly assassinated by the Castro regime in 2012.

In an email sent to ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language news partner, the democratic initiative referred to the protests that took place March 18 in cities such as Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo, in which numerous people took to the streets to demand a change in the system due to continuous power outages and food shortages on the island.

“The situation is critical; the regime has plunged the Cuban people into a deep humanitarian crisis marked by hunger [and] systemic failures in practically all public services, from health to transportation and energy,” the organization explained.

Furthermore, “the absolute ineptitude and negligence of the state [as well as] political repression and violence prevail. The regime holds more than 1,000 political prisoners as hostages in what amounts to torture. Opposition leader José Daniel Ferrer has been missing in prison since Nov. 28, 2023,” Cuba Decides stated.

In her email Payá encouraged democratic countries to create “a coalition of nations” that condemn “the illegitimacy of the Cuban regime” and support the people in their effort to regain their sovereignty.

“We, the Cuban people, are prepared to transition to democracy,” she affirmed.

The key here, however, is obtaining that support from the international community. Unfortunately, free and democratic states such as Canada, the UK, and the EU, have invested billions in communist Cuba and are cognizant of the fact that the fall of their corrupt business partner, the Castro dictatorship, could have a negative economic impact on them. The biggest challenge will be getting these countries to put freedom, human rights, and morality above the shady business deals they have with the murderous Castro regime.

The chances of this are slim, but that is no reason to let them get away with it. The pressure must be continually applied and if they choose to take the side of tyranny, it should not be a comfortable decision.

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