Collapse of diving tower at iconic Cuban hotel an emblem of communist neglect

The image of the collapsed diving tower at the iconic Hotel Riviera in Havana from earlier this month perfectly captures the results of 65 years of socialism in Cuba and the “continuity” the Castro dictatorship promises.

Via CubaNet:

Between Neglect and Continuity, the Diving Board of the Iconic Hotel Riviera Collapses

The diving tower at the pool of the iconic Hotel Riviera in Havana collapsed on the night of Tuesday, March 5th, reflecting the neglect of the Cuban authorities and the existing crisis in the country.

Photos taken by CubaNet show the concrete structure collapsed inside the empty pool. According to reports from the official press of the Cuban regime dating from 2016, the facilities have been closed for repair.

However, there have been no updates on the works, nor can any repair or masonry equipment be seen in the photographs of the area, which points to a collapse amidst a total abandonment.

CubaNet users on Facebook lamented the current state of the hotel and recalled times of splendor ruined by 65 years of Castro’s dictatorship.

“The continuity of neglect reflected in one of the most beautiful and functional hotels, its exterior and interior design is excellent. The Riviera is an emblem of Havana and its coastline,” commented Miriam Ramírez Santana.

“I spent my honeymoon there in 1969, it was the best, how sad,” says an internet user identified as Fina Bello.

Inaugurated in 1957, the Hotel Riviera was nationalized by Fidel Castro’s revolution after 1959. This happened after it was seized from its original owner, the wealthy U.S. mobster Meyer Lansky.

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  1. Yes, the “revolution” was a total scam and it has proved a disastrous failure, except for its rulers–who didn’t have the goods to get far in republican Cuba but did very well indeed in a totalitarian system.

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