Cuban man surrounded by State Security when he interrupts ‘president’s’ speech

The Castro dictatorship’s sock puppet president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, made an appearance in Santiago de Cuba after massive anti-government protests broke out there last weekend. During a speech he gave in the town of Songo la Maya, one Cuban dared to shout out and ask the communist regime’s sock puppet president an uncomfortable question, and he was quickly surrounded and isolated by State Security agents.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuban interrupts Diaz-Canel in Songo la Maya and ends up surrounded by police

A resident of Songo la Maya, in Santiago de Cuba, interrupted a speech being given by the Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel to ask him if he was aware of the populist measures taken before his visits to localities in the country.

Immersed in his empty rhetoric filled with slogans, the also First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) was surprised to hear a voice in the gathered crowd asking for permission to ask him a question.

“Let me finish!” the ruler sharply replied to the man. Once his speech was concluded, Díaz Canel addressed the citizen in a harsh tone and asked him, “What do you want?”

“Did you know that, thanks to your visit today, they painted La Maya a week ago?” the man in the crowd questioned. The question caused a stir among those present and resulted in Adrian (as he is identified in a video of the incident) being surrounded by police.

The identity of the bold resident who interrupted the Cuban ruler is unknown, and there is no news that he was detained after his critical question.

“You know, you know, you know that if I knew that every time I go to a place they will paint it, I would be everywhere every day,” Díaz-Canel initially replied, unleashing the populist vein that always characterized the leadership of the so-called “revolution” and garnering some applause and acclaim from those present.

After a few seconds of uproar, the ruler finished his response and bid farewell to Songo la Maya. “What I agree with you on is that we shouldn’t do it for a visit. We should always do it, and we should always work. And that’s what we’re going to do. Agreed? Greetings to all,” he concluded.

Immediately, several plainclothes agents surrounded the young man who interrupted Díaz-Canel. In the video, shared by Cuban journalist Mario J. Pentón, the person recording was heard saying, “now, gentlemen, let’s figure out how to pay the lawyers for Adrian, because the police already have him surrounded.”

As he said this, in the footage (with very low resolution), a tall and slender young man with glasses and a white shirt was seen trying to make his way through the crowd while more and more people dressed in civilian clothing with all the typical appearance of regime agents gathered around him.

A search by CiberCuba on social media and the internet managed to find the image of a young man similar to the one in the video, whose identity on Facebook is Adrian León Estalella, a resident of Songo la Maya and content creator. The name Adrian León was cited as a source by CubaNet in the case of a femicide that occurred in that municipality in June 2023.

CiberCuba is not in a position to affirm that the “Adrian” who interrupted Díaz-Canel’s speech is the same person, but it can assure that the ruler’s response clearly demonstrated the populist formation of the “continuity” leader, learned, of course, from the teachings of the dictator and demagogue Fidel Castro, a master in the art of turning “setbacks into victories.”

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  1. The “president” is just a cog in the wheel, who was groomed and selected to say and do what the regime thinks best. That’s really his only job, and it’s foolish to expect more of him. Just an apparatchik.

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