Cuban state-run media calls for execution of purged Economy Minister Alejandro Gil

Well-dressed, muscular Ministry of Truth spokesman calling for execution of former Minister of the Economy

From our Bureau of Harsh Penalties Attached to Communist Purges with some assistance from our Bureau of Harsh Words from the Ministry of Truth

Uh, oh! It looks as if the recently purged Alejandro Gil will soon be facing a firing squad. Following the playbook for all communist totalitarian states, Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth has begun to place a lethal spin on his alleged “corruption”, calling Gil a “counterrevolutionary who must be persecuted and annihilated.”  This attack on Gil was launched in a television program in which he was compared to Arnaldo Ochoa, a powerful general and “Hero of the Revolution” who was executed for treason in 1989.

Another Ministry of Truth publication compared Gil to a murderer, calling him antisocial and “an accomplice of the most bitter enemies of the Revolution.” Aaaah, yes, this is how you handle the issue of a failed communist economy. It’s all due to “corruption”at the highest levels. Communism can NEVER lead to a failed economy. Misery is never due to communism itself, but to the selfish heretics who deviate from orthodoxy and seek to enrich themselves.

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The most recent edition of the Cuban TV Con Filo* program has touched on “a slaughter” against Cuba’s ousted Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fernandez. The most unpopular program on Cuban television began by quoting Che: “this counterrevolutionary must be persecuted and annihilated.” They then established a parallel, not at all subtle, with Arnaldo Ochoa Sánchez, major general and Hero of the Republic of Cuba, executed by firing squad on July 13, 1989. To top it all off, they cited a fragment of a speech by Fidel Castro, also related to the Ochoa case, where the bearded man shouted that, in the name of the martyrs, they were forced to be “severe.”

It must be remembered that the death penalty is still in force in the Cuban Penal Code. The new regulations raised to 24 the number of criminal offenses that could put a citizen before a firing squad. Despite the existing moratorium and the fact that the maximum penalty has not been applied since 2003, there are many enthusiasts who demand that this letter be dusted off and used as a lesson during the current political crisis.

Con Filo also made reference to an article by Luis Toledo Sande published in Cubaperiodistas. Under the title Corruption/corrosion, the ultra-Marxist writer compared Gil to a murderer, called him antisocial and an accomplice of the most bitter enemies of the Revolution.

The truth is that almost no one would bother to come out to defend Gil if they decided to put him to death. That the first vice minister knew nothing about economics… who is surprised by that? That he was corrupt… who is surprised by that? That is usually the norm, not the exception. The man became a magnet of hate, disaster after disaster. The regime now needs three things: someone to take all the blame; to demonstrate that their pulse does not tremble to annihilate whenever and wherever; and to throw a piece of meat to the side of the most radical. The pack must continue to appear united. . .

. . .Lis Cuesta, Cuba’s first lady (for international tours), or “wife who works at her job” (for domestic matters), recently posted on X a quote from Fidel Castro about difficult times. The now deceased leader had spoken of hesitant, confused, discouraged, cowardly, softened, traitors, deserters. The use of the plural was overwhelming. Cuesta finished off the quote with her own contribution and in capital letters: “In force for everyone.” It is curious that the wife of the nominal head of the State remains completely silent about the rumors of corruption that also circulate about her.

It is also very eloquent that the chancellor himself, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, succumbed to the temptation of sending messages between the lines. In his X account he posted: “It is clear that the greatest enemy of every revolution is division, that the best ally of the enemies of the people is divisionism.” This is how things are going in the palace.

The most radical wing of the Roman coliseum wants blood. What remains to be seen is whether the real Caesar, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, will give the

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  1. If the regime thinks it will successfully deflect blame from its own culpability for the disaster that is Cuba, it may well sacrifice Gil. It may not go as far as formally executing him, but it can certainly stick him in jail, where anything can happen. It would not be the first time a fallen VIP has been eliminated that way.

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