Cuban state-run media launches hate-filled diatribe against peaceful protesters

One of the Cuban regime’s state-run news outlets was unable to hold back its communist rage and published a hate-filled diatribe calling peaceful protesters “parasites” and “lazy.” The Cuban Communist Party’s daily newspaper Sierra Maestra did not hold back its disdain and hatred for Cubans who dare to demand food, electricity, or liberty. However, no one should be surprised since all communists are driven by the same thing: hatred.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

State-run media denigrates protesters: ‘Lazy,’ ‘parasites,’ ‘the most desperate’

In an offensive and unfortunate article, the official local newspaper Sierra Maestra, an organ of the Communist Party in Santiago de Cuba, denigrated the protesters who took to the streets on March 17 in various locations in Cuba.

Referring to the popular protests as a “degrading spectacle,” it used all kinds of derogatory terms to refer to the people who participated in the peaceful demonstrations.

The article, written by Mayté García Tintoré, called those who raised their voices against power outages, food shortages, and government mismanagement “lazy,” “disconnected,” and “parasites.”

In its print and digital editions this Saturday, the article went as far as to label those who attended the protests as “the most desperate” and resorted to a series of insults to attack the participants.

It opined that mothers who went with their children in tow amidst a “criminal act,” “to demand milk that sometimes even the children don’t drink, as many sell it for 2,000 pesos.”

Amidst slanders, it added that workers, housewives, and retirees who attended have a “lack of character,” “let themselves be carried away and fell into the manipulation networks” and thus, joined what she called “the ungrateful faction.”

According to García Tintoré, who claims to have been on Carretera del Morro, the protests did not arise spontaneously in unison.

“It was degrading to see from the front row many demanding from those who the Revolution protects with social assistance and aid under the concept of vulnerable; those who in some cases even sell the items they receive for free, and have the luxury of going out to shout and support those who paid them three cents to destabilize the Cradle of the Revolution,” she asserted.

The author, who concludes that it was a “manipulated subversive call,” declared that “nobody” can “snatch” the peace of the people.

García Tintoré admits that her salary is not enough, that power outages exhaust her, that sometimes she lacks water, that she is hungry (sometimes), but she does not “lend herself” to disturb “citizen tranquility.”

And, in a threatening tone, she ended by saying: “Those who try to violate citizen tranquility, those who try to turn the City of Heroes into a besieged city, will bear the full weight of the law.”

Dozens of Cubans criticized the attack of the government journalist in her article. Labeling her as a parasite and characterizing her as heartless, many questioned the harsh criticism she made against her own people.

“Your text is at a minimum immoral,” wrote one person on Facebook. Many others expressed anger after reading the words of the Santiago native.

On the reporter’s Facebook profile, many forum users commented on her attack: “You are not journalists, you are spokesperson and accomplice of that murderous dictatorship that is killing the people with starvation, blackouts, misery, and repression. That article is the most repulsive thing one can read regarding the protests in Santiago de Cuba. It has no other qualifier: it’s disgusting.”

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