Cuban dictatorship cancels Holy Week processions in Havana and other cities

No processions for you!: Father Lester Rafael Zayas Díaz & Church of the Sacred Heart, Vedado, Havana, Cuba

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Compassion with some assistance from our Bureau of Troublesome Priests and Irksome Gatherings of Restless Natives Who Believe in Powers Greater Than the Revolution

No processions for you! Yeah, your troublesome priest preaches sermons we don’t like, and we don’t want to see Cubans congregating in the streets. These prohibitions are being announced in Havana, Bayamo-Manzanillo, and other locations throughout Castrogonia. All we have at this point is a partial listing of these cancellations. Such is the fear that Castro, Inc. has of more demonstrations, as well as of troublesome priests who dare to tell Cubans that they should have faith in something other than the Revolution.

Get your act together, wokenoids! Leftists of the world, unite! Express your solidarity with Castro, Inc. This is what socialism is all about: Zero tolerance for disagreement! Stand up and be counted: Denounce all such threats to the divine Marx and the hyper-divine Revolution!

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

The Cuban government has prohibited the Catholic community of El Vedado in Havana from carrying out the Holy Burial procession, an activity that is part of Holy Week.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in El Vedado issued a statement explaining to its faithful the reasons why the procession would be suspended.

“Yesterday, I was informed through the relevant channels that the Holy Burial procession, which had been duly requested, would not be approved to take place through the streets of El Vedado, as has been done for more than eleven years, with the exception of the time of the pandemic and last year, which was also denied due to a lack of personnel to ensure security,” the church’s parish priest reported.

The priest,  Lester Rafael Zayas Díaz, also said that the decision to deny this activity was because the authorities disagreed with his sermons and took the opportunity to make some clarifications.

He began by saying that the request is not personal and that it is a matter that concerns his parishioners. “To deny it as punishment to a parish priest is not only absurd but also a violation of religious freedom,” he added.

He also assured that anyone who wants to see any political content in his sermons is in the wrong position. “The Gospel has a power that, as it challenges all of us, also makes us uncomfortable, but the pulpit has never been used for politics, in the style of political parties or as they understand politics, because it is not the preacher’s role to do that,” he said.

He declared that he has never used his preaching space to call for any action “other than piety,” so he confessed that he does not understand “the fears that may have led to the denial of the procession. As a priest and an adult man knowledgeable about the laws and the current Constitution of the Republic, I know what is allowed and what is not.”

He regretted any inconvenience that this denial might bring to the parishioners and assured that the activity will take place on Good Friday within the parish premises.

The Holy Burial Procession is a penitential religious parade held in the afternoon of Good Friday, and its aim is to theatrically reenact the burial of Jesus Christ after his death on the Holy Cross and before his resurrection as narrated in the Gospels.

However, this is not the only procession prohibited by the Cuban government. According to the digital portal 14 y Medio, activities involving gatherings of people during Holy Week were suspended in the diocese of Bayamo-Manzanillo, in Granma.

“The Government does not want people on the streets for fear of possible demonstrations. This has obliged us to stop doing something that we have been doing year after year. Last year there were processions and everything was done peacefully,” said a clergyman who requested anonymity to the mentioned media outlet.

“We are very disappointed by this decision; faith has nothing to do with politics and should not be mixed,” said the disgruntled priest.

A note published in Aciprensa, a Catholic media outlet, warned last week about the suspensions of various events during Holy Week on the Island.

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