Instead of offering aid to building collapse victims, Cuban dictatorship sells them food at exorbitant prices

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Profiteering in Times of Crisis

Thanks be to the “Revolution!” Yes, what would Cubans do without their sacred “Revolution”? Ever ready to come to the aid of the sorely afflicted by natural disasters, Castro, Inc. is now SELLING food to victims of the torrential rains that caused their homes to collapse. It’s high time the International Red Cross copied a page from the Castro, Inc. playbook. Why offer free food and other necessities to victims of disasters? Make them pay for it. What a golden opportunity for increased income!

These wretches have no choice but to BUY stuff from those who have it. This is what socialist compassion is all about. Yes, compassion for the oligarchs who own everything is always the top priority. Once again, the Red Cross could learn a thing or two about humanitarian aid from Castro, Inc.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Cuban rapper NanDoo ObDc denounced through his Instagram account a reprehensible practice of the Castro regime, following the collapses caused by the recent heavy rains and hailstorms in Havana.

Instead of providing humanitarian aid, communist authorities started selling food to the affected population in the La Lisa municipality. “Our government should be supporting people in need at times like this, but instead, they are charging them for food!” the activist expressed in a video.

The rapper showed heartbreaking images of children, women, and elderly people living in the ruins of their homes while trying to buy food rations at a price of 45 Cuban pesos.

“I don’t understand how the government comes to sell food to people whose houses collapsed, who are supposed to have no money,” the singer said indignantly.

Authorities in Havana reported a total of 18 total collapses of houses and 207 roof collapses. The most affected municipalities were Cotorro, with 151 collapsed roofs; followed by San Miguel del Padrón, with 26; Arroyo Naranjo, with 18; and Boyeros, with 13.

Additionally, in Old Havana, two floors of a multifamily building collapsed, leaving three people trapped under the rubble. Finally, according to authorities’ reports, they were rescued without serious injuries by rescue teams.

Reports on social media revealed difficult moments for residents of Boyeros, Diez de Octubre, Cotorro, San Miguel, Arroyo Naranjo, La Lisa, and Cerro.

For the first time in decades, residents of neighborhoods in municipalities like Diez de Octubre, Cerro, and San Miguel found their streets and homes flooded. Over the past weekend, more than 1,000 people were evacuated to government shelters, friends’ and relatives’ houses due to the structural deterioration of their homes.

This is not the first episode in which the Cuban government is criticized for its response to natural disasters. According to reports, this situation repeats itself every year, where the regime chooses to sell food instead of donating it to those in need. In 2017, public criticism was so intense that authorities were forced to provide supplies as donations after Hurricane Irma hit the island.

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