Yum! Cuban dictatorship sells spoiled sprouting chick peas to its starving citizens

From our Bureau of Socialist Quality Control with some assistance from our Bureau of Hallowed Traditions in Socialist Food Distribution

No surprise here. Castro, Inc. has been selling spoiled and inadequately prepared food for many years. Who could ever forget the exploding croquetas of yesteryear? But the garbanzos pictured above –recently purchased by an irate consumer — confirm that this honored tradition is still being observed, even as food becomes more expensive and scarce. Fear not, Cubans, your government is not going to do away with one of its most hallowed traditions. Communism or death! Now, enjoy your mealy garbanzo sprouts.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The Cuban dictatorship continues to surprise the people with its inefficiencies and lack of respect, this time by selling sprouted peas.

What could be dog food and in poor condition, the communist regime is capable of putting it up for sale to Cubans.

In this instance, in a video posted by Cubanos Por El Mundo on their Instagram page, a Cuban woman, outraged by the situation, shows what she was sold at the store: peas with roots.

“Look at this, family, so that later people come to say that if Canada’s rivers are frozen, if this, look, inside the refrigerator, look at the little plant, how pretty, look with roots and everything… the peas they give to the people, look how pretty this is,” said a Cuban woman as she examined her bag of peas.

The comments on social media were immediate about this situation, from Cubans who are tired of the lack of respect for the people, and of going hungry and in need.

Others who have left the island claim that peas are what birds are fed in other countries.

“That’s what my son feeds the pigeons here in the USA.”

“Even the animal food they sell here looks better than that.”

“In Cuba, they live surrounded by the sea and they can’t fish, they get imprisoned if they do, eating seafood is a crime.”

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