Milei goes after Petro and AMLO

Normally, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico attack each other on the soccer field. The three countries are “futbol” mad and live and die with every “gol.” However, over the last few days, the new president of Argentina has been criticizing his counterparts in Mexico and Colombia. 

Before I tell you the story, remember that the guy from Buenos Aires believes in free markets, the one in Bogotá spent some time as a Marxist terrorist, and the one in Mexico City wants $20 billion from Joe Biden to bail out his leftist friends in Caracas and Havana.  Get the picture?

Here is the story:

Milei previously called Petro ‘a murderous communist’ who is sinking his country, and referred to socialists as ‘human excrement’. Petro responded on his social media channels that ‘this is what Hitler said.’

There goes Hitler again! Where have you heard that before? And then, Milei went after AMLO:

In the same interview with CNN that fueled tensions with Petro, Milei also took shots at Mexico’s president, calling him an ‘ignorant.’

Funny or crazy exchanges?  I don’t know, but I like that there is a leader in Latin America who is calling out these leftist leaders who are harming their countries. Time will tell if President Milei’s approach will work.  He currently cut 15,000 state jobs in an attack on a bloated public sector.  Again, ask me about Milei next year and let’s see how popular he is or is not.

In the meantime, I love Milei reminding everyone that there are alternatives to failed leftist policies.

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