Cuba’s $27 million in imports from U.S. in February include $5 million for new cars

Mercedes Benz ($100,000) and Jeep ($45,000) in Havana, both with civilian (non-government) license plates

From our Bureau of Imaginary Blockades with some assistance from our Bureau of Big Lies Never Challenged by News Media

Some blockade! See for yourself how much stuff Castro, Inc. buys from the U.S., despite the so-called “blockade.” The amount of money being spent — all of it cash payments — is as outrageous as the variety of goods being purchased. New cars, including luxury vehicles. Construction equipment. Food (including frozen sheep offal and animal viscera, bladders and stomachs). And SUGAR and CIGARS! Castro, Inc. is now importing sugar and cigars!

What a disaster. Such an abysmal destruction of Cuba’s agriculture, coupled with constant lying about the “blockade” should earn all members of Castrogonia’s oligarchy immediate passage to Hell when they die.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The USA exported $4,983,708 worth of new vehicles to Cuba in February alone, in addition to $109,500 in used vehicles and $2,881 in special-purpose vehicles. Added to this are $21,895 for self-propelled electric trucks, $30,000 for forklifts, and $245,797 for front-end loaders.

This figure represents a significant increase compared to the $3,071,000 worth of vehicles exported in January. It contrasts with the nearly ten million dollars’ worth of such equipment acquired throughout 2023, a year in which the Joe Biden administration authorized several licenses for car exports to the island.

These figures, published by the US-Cuba Economic and Commercial Council, are just a fraction of the exports to the island from the northern neighbor, which in the second month of 2024 experienced a year-on-year increase of 27%, although they were below those of the previous month.

According to public data provided by the US Department of Agriculture, Havana purchased a total of $27,204,788 in food and agricultural products that month, more than the $24,592,601 in February 2023 but below the $29,812,459 from the same period in 2022.

Once again, chicken meat accounted for the largest volume of purchases: between frozen chicken, leg quarters, and thighs, the figure reached $18,346,341. This is supplemented by $707,872 for pork, $686,474 for canned chicken meat paste, $651,726 for powdered milk, $519,838 for fertilized chicken eggs for incubation, $455,761 for milk and dairy products, $358,934 for roasted coffee, and $353,217 for frozen sheep offal.

Other items included in the shopping basket are black tea ($6,336), apples ($132,323), animal viscera, bladders, and stomachs ($71,640), sardines ($37,734), and pet food ($3,528).

Added to this list is $818,838 for sugarcane sugar, a product Cuba has traditionally exported. However, domestic production has not been sufficient to meet even national consumption for years.

As usual, the list includes products unusual for sales authorized as exceptions to the embargo. Among these are $98,900 for cigars, $27,360 for knives, and $5,321 for confectionery product manufacturing machines (cocoa).

Now, Cuba ranks as the 46th export market for agricultural and food products from the USA among 210 countries receiving these exports.

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  1. And it’ll all go to the “Superior” tourists of course. None of it will go to the “inferior” citizens. It’s so unfair.

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