Sweden trying to end EU funding of the Cuban dictatorship

At least one country in the European Union recognizes the tyranny of the communist Castro regime and is on the side of the Cuban people. Sweden is working to garner enough votes in the parliament to end the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement the EU has with communist Cuba, which provides funding and support to the Cuban dictatorship for practically nothing in return.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Sweden seeks to end European subsidies to the Cuban regime

The Swedish government is making efforts and seeking support within the European Union (EU) to end the current Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation (ADPC) with the Cuban regime, revealed the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance in a statement.

Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation and Trade, Johan Forssell, stated that “Sweden’s position is clear. The government considers that the policy of engagement with Cuba is not yielding the desired results.”

The document notes that several Members of Parliament from the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom have condemned the EU for providing funds to the Cuban dictatorship while it represses political opponents and cooperates with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

On February 29, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for decisive action by the EU in response to the deterioration of freedoms and human rights in Cuba.

The resolution calls for the implementation of individual sanctions against those responsible for violations, as well as the activation of the democratic clause of the Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation (ADPC) between the EU and Cuba. This could lead to the suspension of the agreement, as after six years of its entry into force, the European Parliament concludes that there have been no significant improvements.

Two days earlier, the Vice President of the European Parliament, Dita Charanzová, stated that 88% of families in Cuba live in extreme poverty and that thousands of doctors and professionals are put in forced labor abroad.

Regarding the Agreement on Dialogue and Cooperation with the European Union (ADPC), she said, “Europe cannot continue with eyes closed; we have to act, suspend the current agreement, and start a new policy towards the island based on support for civil society and respect for human rights.”

Previously, 34 European parliamentarians sent a letter to Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign affairs chief, demanding that the Cuban regime release political prisoners and cease harassing their relatives.

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