Cuban dictatorship prepares celebrations for Havana’s 505th birthday while the city is in ruins

Havana may be crumbling from criminal neglect, the people may be going hungry, and there’s no transportation due to fuel shortages, but that isn’t stopping the communist Castro regime from throwing a party.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The government prepares celebrations for the 505th anniversary of a Havana in ruins, hungry, and without transportation

The celebration for the 505th anniversary of Havana’s founding will take place between the months of April and November, according to Tatiana Viera Hernández, coordinator of Objectives and Programs of the Government of the capital, to the state-run newspaper Trabajadores.

The festivities, which will have two stages, will take place in a city in ruins and completely collapsed due to the economic crisis. According to official calculations, there is a deficit of 800,000 homes in the country, and of those existing, about 853,000 are in regular or poor condition and are a danger to the lives of their inhabitants. The majority are in the capital.

Despite the housing crisis and the deterioration of the city, the Island’s regime continues to build hotels amidst rubble. During 2023, investment in the tourism sector represented more than a third of state investment, according to figures from the National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI).

Adding to a city in ruins is the serious economic crisis the country is experiencing and how measures taken by the Government have worsened the living conditions of the Habaneros and Cubans in general. According to estimates provided by the regime itself, the Cuban economy contracted by 2% in 2023, while inflation reached 30%, according to official figures.

Viera Hernández said that on May 5th, she will take the Piragua to break the record for the largest in the world. How will people get around? Havana has 309 paralyzed buses out of the 561 that should be in service. The figure is alarming, considering that in the 1980s the city had up to 2,500 buses in operation. Four years ago, it only had 600.

“The celebrations for the 505th anniversary of Havana will include usual events organized by the Office of the City Historian, such as the Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes Old Havana City in Motion, Routes and Walks, and the Mozart Havana Festival, among others,” Trabajadores reported.

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