While the people starve, Cuban prime minister’s mother has food delivered by the case

Every day, Cubans must struggle to find food that is in short supply. But that’s not the case for the mother of sock puppet Prime Minister Manuel Marrero. She gets it delivered by the case. This is socialism in action.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

The privileges of Manuel Marrero’s mother that may cost him his post as Prime Minister are revealed

Cuban influencer Darwin Santana continued his series of shocking revelations about the life of Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, which demonstrate the hypocrisy with which communist leaders conduct themselves.

From the YouTube channel “El Mundo de Darwin,” it is presumed that the new images of the privileges enjoyed by the family of the Colonel of the Armed Forces (FAR) could cost him his position, as they demonstrate, like the ousted Alejandro Gil Fernández, that he is characterized by “corruption and insensitivity.”

Among the shocking information revealed is that Marrero Cruz’s mother, who lives in a neighborhood of Holguín, which used to be occupied by the high bourgeoisie that the Castro regime promised to eradicate, receives food by the case, allegedly from Havana.

Food from Havana to Holguín for the prime minister’s mother?

One of Darwin’s sources photographed how every week a modern car, specifically a Hyundai with license plate M 050512, belonging to the Cuban military, unloads a shipment of food so that the lady does not go hungry. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the population has nothing to eat.

According to the informant, several items such as meat, milk, and other foodstuffs are unloaded, indicating these are transported in coolers to keep them cold. The car parks in front of the lady’s green-colored house, right in the neighborhood where the rich of Holguín used to live.

In a circulated photo, Marrero’s mother is seen accompanied by three young people, who are her grandchildren. The male is the effeminate son of the prime minister, and the other two girls are the leader’s nieces (daughters of his sister Tamara Marrero).

The YouTuber criticizes Marrero for the alleged use of state resources for personal benefit in a context where it is said that Cuba faces severe shortages of basic resources and fuel. Marrero is accused of enjoying undue privileges while the Cuban people suffer economic hardships and restrictions.

On the other hand, it is mentioned that Marrero’s mother and other relatives, including his niece and sister, are involved in various maneuvers to emigrate or are already living in the United States, which is presented as contradictory and ironic given that Cuba is a country sanctioned by the US due to its willingness to sponsor terrorism.

Another direct accusation from a source in Holguín is about an incident of theft of four televisions involving Marrero Cruz and his personal security team. In that sense, it is recounted that Marrero’s bodyguards were involved in the theft of televisions from the guest house where the leader stays every time he visits Holguín.

Businesses of Marrero Cruz in Holguín

The above is presented as another example of rampant corruption and impunity in Marrero’s inner circle. In addition, mention is made of the businesses he has in the tourist hubs of Gibara and Floro Pérez. It is implied these businesses are known and operate thanks to political influence and the power of Marrero and his associates, suggesting that the money handled by these businesses comes from corrupt practices that exploit state resources for personal and family benefit.

The material describes how these businesses thrive while the local population faces significant needs and scarcities. It also mentions a restaurant, owned by an associate of Marrero, which operates illegally and is protected by government connections.

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  1. Oh, but they’re all getting all the food they want without any problems. It’s called privilege. Otherwise, what’s the point of being part of the ruling elite? You think they’re in it for the “revolution”? Please.

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