Young Cuban father arrested for complaining about constant power blackouts on Facebook

Jailed malcontent

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance, Compassion, and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Crimes That Exist Only in Latrine American Socialist Totalitarian Hellholes

How’s this for social justice in the Marxist dimension so beloved by American leftists? You dare to post a complaint online about the mismanagement of your country’s electrical grid and you end up being arrested at 6:30 am and jailed without bail. Worse yet, you are now facing serious charges that could lead to a 4 to 10 year prison sentence. So, yeah, this is it. No complaining allowed. Remember the new slogan, “Create Your Own Happiness.” Don’t complain, be happy. If you would like to live like this vote for liberal candidates only in November here in the U.S.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

A Cuban citizen was arrested and faces severe charges after expressing dissatisfaction with the country’s electricity service in a Facebook post.

Andreilis Guerrero, the detainee’s wife, was the one who reported this new act of repression, describing the alarming scenario her partner is facing.

The woman recounted that it was on March 18th when the man used the social network to express his frustration with enduring so many power outages.

As is often the case on the island, his action “awakened” State Security, which only appears to repress and not to combat real crime.

“My husband, on the 18th (of March) in the evening, made a post on Facebook complaining about the power. Within 40 minutes, the second State Security officer was at my house trying to coerce my husband into deleting the post.”

The next day, at 6:30 in the morning, we had the police with several patrol cars at the house with a search warrant, and they took him into custody on March 19th for the crime of propaganda against the constitutional order. They are asking for 4 to 10 years,” Guerrero added.

Since his detention, the Cuban has been held in custody without the option of bail, likely being mistreated within the dungeon where they keep him.

Unfortunately, these situations occur frequently on the communist island, where freedom of expression is nonexistent, and demanding rights guaranteed by law or complaining about the blows of poverty represent a serious offense to the dictatorship.

Meanwhile, real antisocial elements roam freely through the streets of Cuba.

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