The Bay of Pigs 63rd Anniversary—And the media-Democrat cover-up continues

April 18, 2021by Humberto Fontova

“It was 60 years ago this week that an uncertain new president launched an ill-conceived military venture of astonishing naivety(italics mine)…1,400 U.S.-trained Cuban exiles would land at the Bay of Pigs…It was an unmitigated disaster…Kennedy had learned the hard way not to blindly trust the advice of his decorated military and intelligence chiefs,” wrote Beltway media stalwart and former Democrat White House official Lawrence Hass in The Hill.

In fact, the military venture was expertly-planned and was anything but naive. The astonishing blunders and naivety were entirely on the part of the leftist/guilt-stricken Knights of Camelot. 

After it dropped in their lap with Nixon’s electoral defeat, the Knights of Camelot insisted on sticking their manicured fingers and fumbling with almost everything planned on the orders of the Supreme Commander of Operation Overlord. 

“Help the Cubans to the utmost,” Eisenhower stressed to his successor while handing over the reins. “We cannot let Castro’s government go on.”

For starters, the original invasion plan by the CIA and its military partners (all WWII and Korea vets) picked the Cuban town of Trinidad as the landing site……much more here from our friends at Townhall

Much more explained in these books, and with thorough documentation.

2 thoughts on “The Bay of Pigs 63rd Anniversary—And the media-Democrat cover-up continues”

  1. This can be dissected ad nauseam, but the bottom line is Cubans were screwed by people unfit to be dealing with the situation but immensely pleased with themselves, arrogant and entitled. Cuba meant nothing to them, not even in geopolitical terms. They were too busy admiring their own reflection anyway.

  2. Alas, Cuba wound up at the mercy of dubious strangers who were not vested in it and simply pursuing their own interests. Of course the Kennedy people could not be expected to care about Cuba per se, but they could have been far more competent at the job of pursuing US interests. Talk about preening posers.

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