United Nations helps Cuban dictatorship attract tourists to its apartheid hotels and resorts

Trucutú and El Barrigón greet a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization

From our Bureau of Perfectly Acceptable Apartheid with some assistance from our Bureau of Complicity In the Enslavement of Human Beings

No surprise, really. But such news elicit sarcasm, especially today, on the heels of Castro, Inc.’s boasting about attracting a million tourists. The United Nations is one of the best friends that Castro, Inc. has ever had. To expect anything from this useless organization other than fervent support of Castro, Inc. is sheer foolishness. But details such as the ones revealed in this story highlight the extent to which the UN is complicit in promoting apartheid and in supporting the enslavement of the Cuban people.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is supporting the goals of the Cuban government in the sector by choosing the island as the venue for its 69th Regional Commission Meeting for the Americas and a seminar focused on tourism innovation in communities, and by granting a hundred training scholarships.

As reported by the official Cubadebate portal, Miguel Díaz-Canel and Manuel Marrero Cruz received officials from the UNWTO on Monday, as well as ministers and entrepreneurs from the tourism sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, a region where Cuba lags behind in sector recovery.

“We are here to tell the whole world that Cuba is a place to visit; Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world that I have visited,” said Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the organization, in line with the government’s propaganda.

During the meeting at the Palace of the Revolution, the president thanked UNWTO leaders for holding the specialized agency’s meeting on the island and also for offering 100 scholarships for capacity building in tourism, as reported by the official Prensa Latina.

Díaz-Canel complained about the United States embargo, which he blames for the severe economic crisis facing Cubans. However, this hasn’t stopped more than $24 billion from being allocated to tourism investments and hotel construction over the last 15 years, with rooms remaining virtually empty, to the detriment of sectors in crisis such as the power system, health, education, and agriculture. The president also attributed the failure of foreign visitor plans over the past four years to “media intoxication.”

“Amid such a cruel blockade to which we are subjected and the media campaign to distort our reality, your presence here means a lot to us,” Díaz-Canel told the officials.

Marrero Cruz also emphasized the “great importance” of holding this event in Cuba “amidst the complex context” on the island, and called for joint projects to be developed.

Gustavo Santos, UNWTO’s Regional Director for the Americas, an organization dedicated to promoting responsible, sustainable, and accessible tourism, also expressed words of encouragement for Díaz-Canel, Marrero, and the Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda. “Our affection and support are always with Cuba; being part of this great team is an honor for us,” he said.

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  1. Carlos, you’re missing the all-important context, which is of course more important than facts. The context is that the Castro “revolution”, which to many foreigners is the same as Cuba, MUST be preserved by any means necessary, and that end justifies these means (or any means). Try to be more, you know, nuanced.

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