Whistleblower exposes the privileged life and violent acts of Cuban general who just turned 92

Ramiro Valdes has a long history of torture and murder as one of the most reliable and loyal thugs of the Castro dictatorship. And at 92, he has also enjoyed a life of privilege as an elite member of the communist party. An anonymous whistleblower from the Cuban military reveals the life of thuggery and opulence enjoyed by the criminal nonagenarian.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cuban military officer reveals the secrets of Ramiro Valdes on his 92nd birthday

A disillusioned Cuban military officer revealed significant secrets of the hidden life of Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, one of the nonagenarian “Commanders of the Revolution” who is still alive.

In an exclusive conversation with Darwin Santana, the man claims to know details about Valdés Menéndez, whom he described as the most faithful follower of Fidel and Raúl Castro, which explains his privileged positions throughout his 92 years of life.

The military officer, whose identity remained hidden for security reasons throughout the broadcast of the YouTube program “El Mundo de Darwin,” explained how Valdés never hesitated to employ extreme tactics, including torture and murder, to maintain order and loyalty to the regime of Fidel and Raúl Castro. “He’s a butcher, a guy who doesn’t hesitate to kill… he’s always been an executioner,” he added.

Over the years, Ramiro Valdés developed a particularly close relationship with Raúl Castro, also described by the informant as more ruthless than his brother Fidel. This relationship was strengthened by the remorseless execution of the most brutal orders, including murders, consolidating Valdés as a pillar of the internal security of the Castroist State.

The testimony also includes details about Valdés’s multiple properties scattered throughout Cuba, highlighting a mansion in Jaimanita. “He has houses all over the country, each one more luxurious than the other, demonstrating the magnitude of his wealth and power,” added the military officer.

Additionally, his luxurious yachts and boats, stolen after they appeared in Cuban waters without any claim, are mentioned.

“The boats abandoned by drug traffickers, he retrieves them and keeps them for himself. Lately, he has two yachts that supposedly should belong to the Cuban people after being seized due to abandonment in Cuban waters,” the interviewee adds. However, Ramiro Valdés seized them and goes out for a ride like a true bourgeois.

Regarding his personal life, it is revealed that Valdés has lived apart from his family for a long time, including a son who defected and distanced himself ideologically and physically from his father, reflecting the complexity and emotional isolation of his existence.

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  1. Valdés was a marginal type who would never have gone far in a free and normal Cuba, but the “revolution” made many such types VIPs, which obviously relates to their loyalty to it.

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