Cuban dictatorship harasses and threatens women who protested outside Díaz-Canel’s house

Uppity and ungrateful mothers with one of their sons

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance, Compassion, and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Racism in Socialist Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

Six black mothers who dared to stage a protest at Trucutú Díaz-Canalla’s house were threatened with arrest by Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Fear. Ironically, one of the threats issued was that they could be charged with the crime of ‘acts contrary to the development of minors’ if they dared to stage any more protests. These women were simply asking for food and better housing for their children. As one of the women has said: “They tell us that we speak ill of the country, which is not true.” Listen to these women tell their story HERE in Spanish.

Aaaah, it seems that they were unaware of the two most important of all commandments in Castrogonia: 1. “Thou shalt never complain,” and 2. “If thou art black thou must constantly thank thine white masters for whatever they benevolently deign to provide to inferior human beings.” Thus far Black Lives Matter has shown no concern for this very racist incident.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The six mothers who protested in front of Miguel Díaz-Canel’s house earlier this month were threatened this Monday by State Security with legal action if they decide to protest this May Day, a day on which the regime traditionally holds parades throughout the country, as reported by the affected mothers to DIARIO DE CUBA.

“They summoned us to the Government of Marianao; we thought it was to give us a response to our demands, but instead they threatened us with the crime of public disorder if we dared to go out on May Day,” said Lisbet Ferrer Bango, one of the mothers.

“I feel cornered and threatened because all I have done is demand my right to have a home and all I receive are threats that I cannot demand, it is very unfair what is happening to us,” said Nidia Noriega, a mother of five.

Similarly, this Monday, Estanys de la Caridad Rodríguez Aldama, a mother, was summoned, and a military officer threatened her with a sentence of one to three years in prison if she continued to protest.

“I will not hide for telling the truth, I am not afraid, and I intend to continue demanding through any means necessary,” said this mother.

Gitangaly Bruzón Rivero, another mother demanding a home, added: “I feel very disappointed and frustrated because we only receive threats and abuses. They tell us that we speak ill of the country, which is not true, we only demand what we believe is our right as mothers with several children. It is very wrong that they summon us only to scare us.”

On April 19, a group of mothers decided to stand in front of Miguel Díaz-Canel’s house to demand attention for their housing problems and lack of food for their children.

According to the testimony of several of them to DIARIO DE CUBA, they were forcibly removed from that place by the police, and their demands were not addressed.

Noriega Rodríguez expressed that they were mistreated by the authorities that day: “The Child Welfare officials threatened us that if we continued doing these things, they could accuse us of the crime of ‘acts contrary to the development of minors,’ but I told them that what I was doing was precisely for the well-being of my children. Finally, they put me and my children in one of the patrol cars and took us out of Díaz-Canel’s house.”

The demands of Cuban mothers, whether through social media or protest actions in front of government entities, have been increasing in recent years with the worsening economic crisis in the country and the scarcity of basic products such as milk.

Several of the protests that erupted in Cuba during 2023 were led by women demanding food, water, and medical attention for their children, as well as decent housing.

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  1. Oh, it’s not just that they’re ungrateful and uppity–it’s that they’re unequivocally black, which means they’re bad Negroes, which means an unforgivable affront to the memory of Massah Castro, who made humans out of them (as per the narrative of his “revolution,” which might as well be holy writ).

    I mean, what would the regime’s MANY black supporters abroad think of this? No, it must be stopped, lest the disorder spread to other Negroes, which could play havoc with the narrative.

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