Cuban mercenaries in Ukraine kill their abusive Russian commander

From our Bureau of Hot-Blooded Latrine American Mercenaries with some assistance from our Bureau of Exemplary Responses to Abuse, Humiliation, and Enslavement

Whoa! All is not well on the Ukrainian front. Young Cubans fighting for Czar Vlad the Invader have set a shining example for their fellow Cubans back on the island by executing their Russian commander. Yeah. Don’t let anyone abuse you or turn you into a slave.

Imagine if all young Cubans on the island were to respond to the dictatorship in the same way that these mercenaries responded to the abuse they were receiving from their commander. After all, Castro, Inc. is no different from that murdered commander. He was humiliating these Cubans, beating them, and stealing their salaries. Sound familiar? See details below or watch this 5-minute VIDEO.

Yet, there is another parallel with the situation Cubans face on the island. No matter how justifiable their actions may be, these Cuban mercenaries now face punishment, just as Cubans on the island do for resisting Castro, Inc. They have already been sent back to Russia and will most probably be horribly abused before being executed. Sound familar?

From RBC-Ukraine:

Cuban mercenaries fighting in the Pokrovsk sector of the Donetsk region killed their commander of the 428th motorized rifle regiment for humiliating treatment, reports the ATESH partisan movement.

The movement’s agent from the headquarters of the “Center” troop group of the Russian Armed Forces noted that the reason for the “execution” was regular humiliation, beatings and “confiscation” of wages.

The direct perpetrators of the “execution” have already been transferred to the Rostov region of the Russian Federation. The regiment’s command appealed to the General Staff to replace the foreign mercenaries with Russian soldiers.

The partisans added that from time to time such situations arise in the enemy army, but they do not become public.

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