Colombia and Israel break up

Down in Colombia, politics is a very tense sport, and the leftist president is looking for distractions. So he found one in the Gaza conflict, and a big target in Israel. 

This is the story:

Colombia President Gustavo Petro on Wednesday said he intends to end diplomatic relations with Israel over its handling of its war against Hamas in Gaza.

Petro said he’s ending relations with Israel as of Thursday due to ‘the girls, the boys, the babies who have died dismembered by the bombs,’ The Hill reported.

Petro announced his intention during Colombia’s annual May Day celebration at the central Plaza de Bolivar in Bogota.

‘The times of genocide, of the extermination of an entire people, cannot come before our eyes, before our passivity,’ Petro said, according to the New York Times.

He said the death of Palestine would be the death of humanity.

So there you have it.  The president of Colombia is worried about bombs killing babies.

Israel responded by reminding everyone about October 7th and all the innocents killed that day.  Remember October 7th and the young women raped at the music festival?

What’s President Petro’s motive?  It connects him with other leftist leaders in Brazil and Bolivia who have made similar moves.  It’s fashionable in left-wing corners to bash Israel, an easy cheap shot for presidents in tune with the marches around the world.  It’s also a distraction for men like Petro who are having a very difficult time governing, as we saw when thousands marched in opposition.

So Hamas has a new friend in communist guerrilla-turned-president Petro, and that’s no shock to me.

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    • As for Petro being what he is, it’s like the scorpion in the story. His nature will out. That’s NOT the problem–which is that Colombians saw fit to elect him, They disgust me more than he does.

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