Come Mr. Alvin, tally me banana

The world is watching New York City turn into a banana republic.  A lot of investors and job creators are watching too.  They are wondering about their money, and what a partisan AG and DA will do to their investments if they don’t want to pay to play. 

I remember a Mexican investor once telling me that he invests in the U.S. because he trusted the judicial system, no matter who was president. My guess is that investors are looking at New York City now and wondering, “Why?”

Believe it or not, but New York City may be arresting an ex-president over a bookkeeping entry.  It’s a bad plot but it may happen.  The case is weak but there are lots of Trump haters out there who can’t get enough of him, as Eli Lake wrote:

But missing from this wall-to-wall coverage is any mention of the underlying crime that Trump falsified business records to advance his campaign. And that is a fatal flaw in the case, because New York law stipulates that falsifying business records can only be charged as felonies (as Bragg has done) if it’s done to further another crime. Trump has not been charged with another crime, though Bragg has floated the theory that the business records were falsified to deprive 2016 voters of information about his tryst with Daniels.

A crime based on a theory?  Stalin would be proud.  Did you hear the one about show me the man and I will find you the crime?

Is the public going to accept this type of justice?  I don’t think so, which is why President Trump’s ratings are up.  The combination of a more successful Trump presidency and these banana republic tactics will make 45 number 47.

My guess is that Alvin Bragg didn’t think that this “hush money” would be the only one that got a court date in 2024.  He probably thought that his case would be an appetizer to the Big Three: Georgia, the documents, and January 6.  Unfortunately, Mr. Bragg has picked a legal fight with the Republican presidential nominee over “an untested legal theory premised on the testimony of a convicted liar.”

Mr. DA, tally me banana.

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