Fundraiser for Cuba Decide this Sunday in Miami

If you’re in Miami and want to help the Cuban people break free from the chains of communist tyranny and also enjoy some cocktails, cigars, and good food, head over to El Vecino Cigars & Cocktails this Sunday, May 19. A fundraiser for Cuba Decide, an organization made up of Cubans both on and off the island who are working to bring freedom and democracy to Cuba has been organized.

Here is info on the event from the press release:

El Vecino Cigars & Cocktails event to aid efforts

On Sunday, May 19, the eve of Cuba’s independence day, Ariete Hospitality Group’s (AHG) downtown Miami cigar bar El Vecino Cigars & Cocktails will host a fundraiser to support pro-democracy nonprofit Cuba Decide in its efforts to keep Cuban activists’ cell phones connected, boosting their access to information about their own island and the outside world in the face of suffocating censorship by the island’s communist regime.

“Despite hunger, repression, and exodus, Cubans have called for freedom in thousands of protestsacross the island,” said Cuba Decide founder Rosa María Payá. “This event at El Vecino will be a great way to join us in making those calls for liberty more effective by amplifying Cuban voices and giving activists more of the information they need to bring us closer to the end of the dictatorship.”

The night will feature El Vecino’s signature combination of cigars, cocktails (including a special menu of classic Cuban cocktails featuring Bacardí and Havana Club rums), beer and wine along with food from the bar’s sister restaurant Brasserie Laurel. Proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets along with a portion of sales of select menu items will be donated to Cuba Decide.

This isn’t the first time that AHG has helped raise money for Cuba Decide’s cell phone initiatives. After protests broke out in Cuba in the summer of 2021, the group — together with Pan Con Podcast, a show hosted by AHG chef-owner Michael Beltrán — raised over $14,000 to aid Cuba Decide efforts.

“Cuban activists across the island volunteer, at great risk to themselves, to gather and spread information among their neighbors,” said El Vecino partner and cigar program director Nicolás A. Jiménez. “Supporting, even in small ways, Cuba Decide’s strategy of providing cell phone coverage for this network of brave Cubans has been a great way to galvanize people around the cause of liberty on the island, no matter where they stand on much of the politics.”

See the full press release HERE.

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