Agents of Cuban dictatorship given access to sensitive security areas of Miami airport

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If for some reason you doubt the fact that the U.S. under Jar-Jar Biden is no longer a safe place to live, here is proof of that fact.

Almost simultaneously, the U.S. government cozies up to Castro, Inc. by changing its status on cooperation in terrorism issues and by also allowing Cuban agents into sensitive security areas at Miami Airport. Unbelievable.

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The current go to of representatives from the Havana regime to the TSA management amenities at Miami International Airport has brought about uproar amongst US officers. Questions have been raised concerning the choice to grant entry to delicate info to Cuban officers, a privilege usually reserved for representatives of allied nations.

Reports point out {that a} delegation of officers from Havana toured the TSA amenities at MIA as a part of an alternate of information between the US Transportation Security Administration and their Cuban counterparts. However, the go to to delicate areas, the place essential computerized management know-how is positioned, led to pressure with US officers who feared a compromise of nationwide safety. Such visits are often restricted to officers from allied nations.

The TSA’s major mission is to safeguard the nation’s transportation programs to make sure the graceful motion of individuals and items. This incident comes within the midst of the Biden Administration’s determination to take away the Havana regime from the checklist of nations that don’t absolutely cooperate within the combat in opposition to terrorism.

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  1. The firs and most obvious question is who approved this? I assume there had to be approval at the local level, unless it was an order from the Biden administration, but those details need to be made known. Both Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, as well as de Santis, should be looking into this very closely.

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