Take some time and catch ‘Affair in Havana’

We remember Raymond Burr, known to most of us as Perry Mason. He was born on this day in 1917 and died in 1993. Back in 1956, Burr was in Cuba working on “Affair in Havana.” Burr played Mal Mallabee, a rich businessman confined to a wheelchair as the result of a boating accident. Mallabee hired an investigator to look into his wife Lorna (Sara Shane) who is allegedly having an affair with Nick Douglas, an American living and working in Cuba played by John Cassavetes.   

Catch “Affair in Havana” the next time it’s shown on the retro channels. I won’t tell you more about the plot. 

The movie will take you back to a time when Americans worked and invested in Cuba without fear of confiscation, totally functional pre-Castro Cuba. After that movie, Burr applied for the role of “Perry Mason.” He won the audition and started that show later in 1957, and it became one of the most popular TV series ever. 

I recall my late father saying that he saw the show in pre-Castro Cuba.  I remember watching the show in Mexico overdubbed in Spanish.

Burr had another popular series called “Ironside”. It was good, but I think most of us remember him for those Perry Mason shows.

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2 thoughts on “Take some time and catch ‘Affair in Havana’”

  1. I saw the film and its horrible. It depicts Cubans as poor stereotypical Latino peasants living in poverty and drumming the night away while the Raymond Burr character [Mal Mallabee] is the richest man in Cuba. There is one scene in which he says that he’s the richest man in Cuba because he’s worth 20 million dollars. Now, I’m sure people like the Bacardis and Gomez-Mena as well as so many others from the Havana Yacht Club were richer than that. In the movie, there’s a Cuban peasant who falls in love with Mallabee’s wife [because you know how it is, American women are so beautiful and desirable that all Cuban men pine for them] and he kills another man for her while ignoring his jealous Cuban wife. An absolutely revolting and racist movie.

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