Castro dynasty’s law firm sets up internships in Spain for young Cuban lawyers

 Interns Claudia Girón & Erick Machado with their mentors Lourdes Dávalos & Rodolfo Dávalos

From our Bureau of Monopolistic Communist Lawyering with some assistance from our Buró de Personas Asquerosas (Bureau of Nauseating People)

It looks as if Castro, Inc. feels a need for a new crop of lawyers to defend their many international business ventures. The task of training such lawyers has been handed to the father-and-daughter Dávalos legal team who defended them in their debt trial in London last year.

How lovely. Daddy Dávalos has played a key role in creating Castro, Inc.’s monopolistic global empire. He also handled negotiations for the Cuban Five spies.

Apparently, daddy and daughter have found two young proteges among their circle of friends: a pair of Cubans living in Madrid. Aaaah, the joys of belonging to a communist oligarchy! Ka-ching! What a lovely pair of interns on their way to becoming fabulously wealthy at the expense of 11 million Cubans.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Lawyer Lourdes Dávalos, who gained prominence in January 2023 for defending the regime in a trial in London over a multi-million dollar debt, has taken another step in her entrepreneurial journey with a commitment to serving Havana. Now, leading a boutique firm specializing in transactions and foreign investments in Cuba, she has formalized a secondment agreement with the Specialized Services Law Firm (BES) belonging to the National Organization of Collective Law Firms (ONBC), which is controlled by the Ministry of Justice of the Island.

According to Cinco Días, a supplement of the newspaper El País, this agreement represents the “first international internship and training program signed by a Spanish firm with a Cuban one.”

“The fundamental purpose of this agreement is to invest in the training and professional development of young Cuban lawyers, particularly in the field of international business. This initiative marks a significant advancement in international collaboration between Spanish and Cuban legal professionals and is a stimulus for legal talent in Cuba,” the report added.

As part of this collaboration, Dávalos Abogados has incorporated in Madrid two young Cuban lawyers, Claudia Girón González and Erick Machado Cerver, both from BES in Havana. Their role will be to advise Spanish and international companies on matters related to Cuban regulations, as well as “gain practical experience in resolving complex situations in an international environment.”

“We are proud that, despite being a small Spanish firm, we are the first to propose and sign a secondment agreement with a Cuban firm. We firmly believe in the importance of international collaboration and knowledge exchange for the development of Cuban legal talent, which has a promising future ahead,” stated Lourdes Dávalos León, managing partner of Dávalos Abogados.

In the words of the lawyer, who has a children’s clothing business in Cuba, “providing this type of opportunity to young Cuban professionals is a very rewarding step to highlight the commitment to supporting the growth and excellence of legal practice in Cuba, which is fundamental for proper legal support to foreign investors and entrepreneurs with projects on the Island.”

For her part, Lilia Hernández Doejó, president of the National Organization of Cuban Law Firms, said that the signed secondment agreement “marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration that will benefit both parties, enriching legal practice and strengthening international relations.”

Dávalos Abogados was founded in 2023 by Rodolfo Dávalos Fernández, one of the main architects of the regime’s corporate engineering worldwide “to circumvent the US embargo” and who directed from Havana the legal process initiated by Fidel Castro in favor of the five spies of the so-called Wasp Network.

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