Chronic power outages leaves 700,000 Cubans without water

The worsening chronic blackouts that have been plaguing Cuba for years are not only leaving Cubans without electricity for most of the day, but for some, it’s leaving them without running water as well. Without electricity to power the pumping stations, water flow to 700,000 Cubans has been interrupted.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

About 700,000 people in Cuba do not receive water daily due to continuous power outages at pumping stations, admitted Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, president of the state-run National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH), in a press conference, as reported by the official newspaper Granma.

Rodríguez said that the hydraulic sector is the largest consumer of electrical energy, only surpassed by the demand from the population.

Of the power generators in the supply plants, recently there was coverage for only 36% of the water sources in the territories; “we have reached 57%, but we hope to soon cover 65% with the arrival of other batteries,” he added.

The problem is exacerbated because the companies responsible for the maintenance and repair of the power generators are unable to acquire spare parts. They are limited, with great effort, to improvising to keep the equipment running.

Another crucial issue is the fuel supply to this technology, as some are located in remote areas, and diesel does not always reach them on time, according to the official.

The inherent corruption and incompetence of socialism has resulted in consistent economic failures in Cuba, leading to Cubans going without electricity and without water. The fuel shortages, combined with the lack of maintenance, has left Cuba’s power generation facilities operating at minimal capacity or shut down altogether.

2 thoughts on “Chronic power outages leaves 700,000 Cubans without water”

  1. Maybe we should stop reporting on third-world savages living under shitty conditions. Pretty much everybody but “those people” sees nothing particularly odd or abnormal about this situation.
    I can assure you, for instance, that Canadians have ZERO problem with this.

  2. Meanwhile in America, we have so much water, that we use it in swimming pools and water parks. At least for now, we are EXTREMELY lucky to be Americans.

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