Star Cuban wrestler defects in Croatia

Another star Cuban athlete has escaped slavery to the communist Castro dictatorship. Medal-winning wrestler Angel Pacheco, in Croatia to help the Cuban team train for the Olympics, decided the time had come to live as a free man and defected.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Cuban Greco-Roman wrestler Ángel Pacheco, in the 130 kg category, left the Cuban national team in Croatia, reported wrestling expert Roly Damaso on Wednesday afternoon.

Ángel Pacheco, who was in Croatia as part of the athletes selected to help the Cuban athletes qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, definitively broke ties with the Cuban Wrestling Federation.

Pacheco, 26 years old and a native of Havana, has been considered one of the great promises of his division in the country. His most notable achievements include a Pan-American championship in Ottawa, Canada, in 2020, a bronze medal in the 2019 edition in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the title in the V ALBA Games held in Venezuela in 2023. However, the presence of stellar figures like Mijaín López and Oscar Pino has been a significant obstacle to his progress within the national team.

Pacheco joins a long list of Cuban athletes who have broken free of the Cuban dictatorship, which treats them as slaves of the State, often selling their talent to foreign nations and teams while paying the athletes a pittance of what they are paid. Athletics is just one of the many professions offered by the Castro regime in their slave labor operation, among them doctors, engineers, and manual labor.

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