Privileged son of Cuban ‘Prime Minister’ tries to immigrate to the U.S., is denied parole

The son of Manuel Marrero Cruz, Cuba’s sock puppet Prime Minister, applied for immigration parole in the United States, but his application was denied. Manuel Alejandro Marrero, who has lived the lifestyle of the rich and communist all his life, wanted the best of both worlds: the privilege of being part of the communist elite, and the luxury and freedom of capitalism. Thankfully, it didn’t happen.

Via Cuba Headlines:

The U.S. government has denied humanitarian parole to the son of Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz. According to Martí Noticias, Manuel Alejandro Marrero Medina was refused permission to enter U.S. territory despite being accepted into the parole program.

Manuel Alejandro, 31, is the eldest son of the Cuban leader. A source close to the family revealed that his mother, Solange Medina, along with a sister and an aunt, live in the United States, but he has never traveled to the country.

Graduated in Sociocultural Studies from the University of Holguín, he worked as a commercial specialist at Gaviota Tours, a travel agency owned by the Armed Forces. On social media, he describes himself as a “lover of travel, makeup enthusiast, and photography addict.”

“His now-defunct Instagram account was a collection of photos showcasing things inaccessible to most young people his age… Yacht trips, stays at beaches and exotic locations in Cuba, visits to exclusive exhibits and pavilions were part of Marrero Medina’s daily life, according to his social media posts and close acquaintances,” Martí Noticias pointed out.

This is yet another example of socialists showing a clear preference for living under “oppressive and exploitative imperialism” over a socialist workers’ paradise. It is this hypocrisy that has plagued socialism since its inception. The hunger, misery, oppression, and death socialism produces never bothers socialists because they never think they’ll be the ones experiencing it.

For all its claims of equality and humanity, the main driving force behind socialism is selfishness. I will have mine, and if others have to suffer for me to get it, that’s just fine.

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