Toxic waste from new apartheid hotel in Cuba wreaks havoc on local environment

“What a wonderful facility for superior beings!”

From our ever-busy Annals of Apartheid Tourism Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Environmental Protection

How’s this for socialist environmental reverence? A brand-spanking-new apartheid resort built by Spain’s Meliá Hotels is discharging its waste directly into a local mangrove ecosystem. Officials blame the pollution on a clogged treatment system. The hard truth is that Castro, Inc. wanted this 401-room luxury hotel built as quickly as possible, and that –as usual — its effect on the local population was of no concern whatsoever.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

This week, the environmental authorities of Sancti Spíritus raised alarms about the discharge of waste into a mangrove ecosystem caused by the Hotel Meliá Trinidad Península, which was inaugurated in November 2023, according to Radio Sancti Spíritus on its Facebook page.

The stench of contaminated waters is noticeable on the road connecting the town of Casilda with the southern beaches. “The contaminated waters are emerging from one of the registers, which ‘appears to be clogged,’ of the treatment system that manages the hotel’s waste until the oxidation lagoon, located in the Las Piñas area,” the press outlet detailed.

The project, executed by the Provincial Delegation of Water Resources, has been in operation for just over a year. The waste spill, which began approximately a month ago and has not been resolved, “causes damage to the mangrove ecosystem and its biodiversity: crabs, fish, and waterfowl are victims of the contamination,” emphasized the provincial broadcaster.

Regarding the cause of the spill, it highlights once again the predominance of tourist facilities and the lack of control in the enforcement of environmental regulations. The state National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI) published new data this Thursday, including a monthly drop of 23.5% in tourists in April in Cuba and the meager hotel occupancy rate of 35.5% in the first quarter of 2024.

The Meliá Trinidad Península is located just 15 minutes by car from the historic center of the city, right on the beach. The hotel, surrounded by large outdoor spaces with pools and gardens, has 401 rooms. Of these, 80 will be dedicated to the exclusive The Level service, for guests over 18 years old. The facility boasts a total of 14 restaurants and bars offering all kinds of international cuisine.

Other contaminant spills have occurred recently in Cuba. In April, an oil spill wreaked havoc on the surface course of a tributary of the Zaza River, also in Sancti Spíritus. The contamination was caused by the derailment of a train transporting crude oil.

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  1. The castro family and the nomenclature that serves them and helps to prop them up have never cared about Cuba. Unlike in normal countries where environmental studies are first done before anything is built and where environmental regulations and building codes are strictly observed, none of that exists in Cuba. But fear not, National Geographic and PBS will still sing the odes to Cuba’s supposed environmental advancements.

    • If they can sing the praises of “gay rights” in Cuba, where nobody has human rights and where official homophobia went as far as putting gays in concentration camps, they can sing anything.

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