Alimentary apartheid intensifies: Spanish grocer to open 20 luxury food stores in Cuba

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Okay, now we know at least one outcome of Castro, Inc.’s recent food fair. And it has nothing to do with exporting Cuban goods. A deal has been struck with Spanish grocery firm VIMA to open 20 food stores throughout the island, all of which will be fully stocked with excessively expensive goods.

Obviously, these stores aim to attract oligarchs, diplomats, tourists, and Cubans who receive generous remittances from the diaspora.

So, apartheid keeps intensifying in Cuba, expanding as the island’s economy collapses, deepening the chasm that already exists between foreigners and natives as well as between Cuba’s elites and their enslaved subalterns.

Slightly abridged and loosely translated from CiberCuba

The Cuban government confirmed this week that the management of 20 stores within the national territory will be handed over to the Spanish group VIMA.

The announcement took place during the celebration of the fourth International Food, Beverages, Packaging, and Food Technology Fair in Havana, where the European entity and Tiendas Caribe signed an agreement to create an international economic association that will manage 20 commercial units in Cuba.

According to an article by the official media outlet Cubadebate, the first to be included in this agreement will be the markets of Paseo and Infanta and Santa Martha, both in the Cuban capital.

“At this moment, the furniture and all the equipment for operation are being prepared,” said Amilkar Odelin Ante, Director of Marketing and Business at Tiendas Caribe. He also indicated that the presence of this Spanish group is not new, as it “has a wide portfolio of products known to the population.”

For his part, Víctor Moro, Executive Vice President of the VIMA Group, highlighted among the products they plan to market on the island tomato puree, as well as “frozen products, ranges of fish, vegetables, chicken, pork, and milk, which we know are in high demand in the country,” and he announced that “we are launching a new line of beans.”

Amid the economic crisis facing Cuba, the VIMA entrepreneur said they must “be there in good times and bad. Cuba is like our home, where we have excellent commercial partners who have never failed us, nor have we failed them.”

He also assured that the advance towards online stores would be parallel since the products “are in place,” facilitating a more expedited process.

At this event, the proposals of the Cuban Bread Company were notable due to the growing scarcity of products they offer to Cuban families.

The photo shared by Cubadebate shows a scenario that is completely different from the reality of what Cubans can access. [Photo used in previous post HERE]

Recently, Raúl Valdés Mantecón, director of the Cuban Bread Company in Cienfuegos, pointed out the reasons for the increased price of this food in the region, one of which is that they must buy flour from private suppliers, as cited by the Perlavisión channel.

The fourth International Food, Beverages, Packaging, and Food Technology Fair took place at a critical moment for food security on the island.

The government assured that the intention was to explore opportunities for food production in Cuba, with an eye on both the local population and the tourism sector.

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