Biden opens up access to U.S. banks to communist Cuba’s ‘private’ businesses

The Biden Treasury Department announced on Tuesday that it is granting access to the U.S. banking system for the so-called private businesses in Cuba that have been sprouting up as part of the Castro dictatorship’s desperate attempts to survive a major economic crisis. The announcement said changes will be made to the regulatory environment that prohibits business with Cuba due to U.S. sanctions.

Via NBC News:

The U.S. Treasury Department on Tuesday announced regulatory changes to allow more American financial support for Cuba’s nascent private sector and bolster access to U.S. internet-based services, limited but timely measures that officials said would help give the island’s budding small businesses a leg up.

The United States said it would permit small entrepreneurs on the Communist-run island to open and access U.S. bank accounts from Cuba for the first time in decades, following prohibitions put in place shortly after Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution.

The measures would also allow Cuban entrepreneurs to use U.S.-based social media platforms, online payment sites, video conferencing and authentication services, previously unavailable to the sector and a major hurdle currently facing small businesses on the island.

While there is no doubt there are actual private businesses in Cuba owned and operated by Cubans with no connection to the Castro regime that this measure may help, many of those businesses are also owned and operated by high-ranking Communist Party officials or their family members. And even if they are not, all “private” businesses in Cuba are beholden to the Castro regime, which has full authority to control them, dictate how they’re operated, confiscate their products or the entire business, or even shut them down at a moment’s notice with no justification. With no rule of law, there is really no such thing as a private company in communist Cuba.

Leaving aside for the moment the Biden administration’s motives for this change in Cuba policy, there is no denying Cubans need all the help they can get in freeing themselves from the misery and oppression of socialism. However, this apparent attempt to do that fails miserably in that aspect. There is no assurance these benefits will go only to Cubans and not the regime that oppresses them. In fact, it is a given that the biggest benefactors of this policy change will be the Cuban Communist Party. The only “private” businesses in Cuba that can take advantage and receive huge benefits from this are the ones controlled by the Castro dictatorship. They are the ones that are allowed to make the big plays and move the big money.

Considering this administration’s inability (or better said, lack of desire) to separate the wheat from the chaff in Cuba, Cubans and Cuban Americans are rightly pointing out that this change in policy will provide a lifeline to a murderous and brutally oppressive regime that is hanging by a thread.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Professor Omara Ruiz Urquiola, dismissed by the regime from the Higher Institute of Industrial Design, where she served as a teacher, expressed her skepticism and concern about the new measure, which she said had been postponed at least since 2021.

“It’s about ‘Vietnamizing’ Cuba to stop the emigration, nothing more. For that purpose, it is essential to annihilate the true civil society, suffocate it, nullify it, and replace it with one created by the General Intelligence Directorate [DGI] of Cuba, including ‘independent’ media acting as legitimate spokespersons for the strategy,” Ruiz Urquiola stated to CubaNet.

For the academic, the anti-government protests on July 11 and 12, 2021 (11J) “halted” the measures in favor of the Havana regime. “It was too scandalous then, now they are going all out. Here we have to congratulate the agents of influence and the professionals of Cuban Intelligence, this is their triumph,” she said.

Also in statements to CubaNet, Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat, president of the Cuban Resistance Assembly, condemned the measure considering it beneficial for the Cuban regime: “They have given a gift to the communist regime in Cuba that contributes to its strengthening. I believe this measure will give more room for maneuver to the communist regime in Cuba,” he said.

Gutiérrez-Boronat also emphasized that only actions that shorten the regime’s lifespan will truly benefit the Cuban people.

Professor and researcher José Raúl Gallego also criticized the decision, saying that “the Cuban DGI and its lobbyists” had managed to get the Biden administration to take “some of the steps needed to facilitate the operation and enrichment of their frontmen disguised as the private sector.”

Cuban American legislators are also seeing right through this ruse. Knowing how the Cuban regime operates, which the Biden administration’s State Dept. is fully aware of but refuses to acknowledge, they see this change as a major victory for the Castro dictatorship that will give the regime the help it needs to keep its stranglehold on power.

Via Cuba Headlines:

In his X account, Republican Congressman Carlos Giménez accused the Biden administration of perpetuating “the Castro dictatorship in power and abandoning the Cubans who fight for freedom,” while calling it “an accomplice” of the communist regime. “President Biden has just granted more concessions to Cuba’s murderous regime,” he stated.

Meanwhile, legislator María Elvira Salazar argued that opening the U.S. banking system to the ‘private sector,’ which she considers “a front for the regime to obtain foreign currency,” will give “more lifeline to the dictatorship.”

For all the Biden administration’s claims of wanting to help the Cuban people break free of communist tyranny, this policy change will have the opposite effect, and they know it. It’s been the plan all along.

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