Castro dictatorship deploys special forces as more peaceful protests break out in Santiago de Cuba

Peaceful protests over food shortages and prolonged power outages in the city of Santiago de Cuba prompted the communist regime to deploy special forces from the military to quash the demonstrations. Hunger and frustration over the lack of electricity has pushed Cubans to the breaking point all across the country.

In Santiago de Cuba, the island’s second-largest city, protesters taking to the streets to express their discontent over food shortages that have left the people hungry and the constant blackouts that leave them without electricity for hours on end. Fearing the police would not be able to maintain control of the situation, the Castro dictatorship deployed its Black Berets, a special forces military unit infamous for its violence and brutality, to intimidate, beat, arrest, and keep control of the situation.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

“In Santiago de Cuba, no one can endure the hunger and blackouts with which they want to exterminate us,” said one of the participants in the conga that on Thursday night demanded food and electricity for the population and ended with at least a dozen arrests and a strong police presence.

“Since the afternoon, the situation began to heat up in Barca de Oro, Agüero, Indaya, and Marimón, and around 8:00 PM, things really got going in Nuevo Vista Alegre,” said a student who chanted slogans against hunger and blackouts to the rhythm of drums.

“Neighbors joined in spontaneously, doing nothing more than singing and telling the truth,” added Carlitos, a worker at a tire repair shop in that peripheral area in the west of the city, who explained to the authorities that “there were no insults or acts of vandalism.”

Ruslán, a recently graduated engineer, said that “the police were not violent and did their best to mediate, but the black berets, from the moment they got off the trucks, had their batons in hand, pushing people and showing no regard for women and minors.”

“People didn’t behave badly; everything was peaceful. The young people were simply protesting against the military’s abuses and refusing to be humiliated,” he added.

Maritza, a resident of Nuevo Vista Alegre, said that “they immediately filled the area with thugs to disperse the crowd, and no one accepts that some abusers beat their family, always get away unscathed, and never answer for their actions.”

“In the middle of the blackout, people dispersed and formed small groups on Raúl Perozo Avenue,” where neighbors also peacefully demanded solutions to the energy crisis and food shortages that exacerbate the hardships in that marginalized area, said Laritza La O.

“Immediately afterward, they began making arrests. Then they went around searching and asking in the neighborhoods. Almost no one responded, only the informers pointed out the houses and names of the protesters,” noted Rubén.

The communist Castro dictatorship knows it won’t survive another island-wide protest like the that took place on July 11, 2021. That fear manifests itself through violence and oppression.

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  1. And this is all the regime can offer in response to people’s misery and desperation: brute repression. Sooner or later, it will not be enough, though i expect they’re prepared to go as far as they think they need to.

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