The 35th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

On June 3, 1989, the Chinese Communist Party began its violent quashing of a growing pro-democracy movement congregated at Tiananmen Square, killing countless peaceful demonstrators. 35 years later, there is no justice for those who were massacred and China remains under the jackboot of a communist dictatorship that will kill anyone who challenges their stranglehold on power.

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Tiananmen Square Massacre: 35 years later still no justice or freedom

“This is for the lost souls of June 4th.” – Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, 2010

Thirty five years ago the Chinese Pro-Democracy Movement that had taken to the streets in April of 1989 and occupied Tiananmen Square for months was violently crushed by the Chinese communist dictatorship beginning on the evening of June 3, 1989. By dawn on June 4, 1989 scores of demonstrators were shot and killed or run over and crushed by tanks of the so-called “People’s Liberation Army.”

A 2017 declassified British diplomatic cable revealed that “at least 10,000 people were killed. The Chinese Communist regime still defends committing this massacre, and is punishing those who seek to remember and observe the date.

George Orwell wrote in “As I Please” in the Tribune on February 4, 1944 that “[t]he really frightening thing about totalitarianism is not that it commits ‘atrocities’ but that it attacks the concept of objective truth; it claims to control the past as well as the future.”

We are witnessing this attempt to silence the victims, erase and rewrite the history of the 1989 Tiananmen protests and the crackdown and massacre that began on June 3, 1989 through social media and in the real world. People are being arrested for engaging in silent, nonviolent protests in remembrance of students and workers murdered by the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) on orders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Making this known is the most effective method to combat it.

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