Blogger Allan Wall reviews the Mexico election

So who is she? We will soon know. My impression is that she is the exact opposite of AMLO’s personality. He loves the TV camera, but she seems uncomfortable. He loves to stick his nose in everything, but she is more of an administrator. They are very different personalities, and time will tell whether she can get AMLO off her back. He won’t go away easily.

As for U.S.-Mexico relations, she recently said that the two nations have to work together. How? She always speaks in generalities, so we will see.

What about the violence that everyone is so upset about? Again, she has not said much.

So a lady is now running Mexico and a lot of people are asking “Claudia who”?

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2 thoughts on “Blogger Allan Wall reviews the Mexico election”

  1. Alas, apart from her own issues, she owes AMLO, and he certainly expects to be repaid. He didn’t “sponsor” her for nothing. If, indeed, she’s a JINO, that’s also a very bad sign. Not exactly promising.

  2. Her election feels strange to me. She’s not of indigenous or Hispanic stock, she doesn’t have a strong personality or much of a physical presence (being rather slight and weak-looking), she’s not Catholic and she’s largely untested and unproven. Why would ordinary Mexicans go for her? Because AMLO was behind her? What kind of recommendation is that? Of course, it may just be one of those Latrine things.

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