Cuban communist official who diverted scarce drinking water to his swimming pool arrested for ‘corruption’

Communist water hog Fidel Galván,

From our Sweet Smell of Purges in the Morning Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Communist Officials Who Need Water To Fill Their Swimming Pools

Castro, Inc. is very busy firing, replacing, and even arresting leaders of the Cuban Communist Party from one end of the island to the other. The latest purged official is Fidel Galván, who was caught diverting water to his swimming pool. Yeah, he filled his swimming pool while all his neighbors struggled to find water. This should surprise no one in Castrogonia, where the top dogs enjoy perks of all sorts, and corruption is rife.

The real “crime” here is not that this Fidel diverted water to his swimming pool, but that he probably didn’t share other goodies with his communist pals and they were jealous of him. How dare he not share the spoils? In Castrogonia, those who end up being arrested for “corruption” are those officials who fail to share with their cronies whatever they steal or withhold from the Cuban people.

From ADN Cuba

Users on social media and profiles associated with the State security of the regime confirmed on Facebook the detention of the communist leader Fidel Galván, director of Aqueducts in the municipality of Manicaragua, in Villa Clara.

According to Facebook user Héctor Tol, Galván, who presided over this sector in the mountainous municipality, had been detained “in recent days for corruption in the aqueduct,” although he was currently at home under investigation.

“Neighbors reported him after seeing him use water trucks to fill his pool. It’s not the first time he has done this, but it was the last because the population is tired of so much shamelessness from leaders in Manicaragua,” he added.

Regarding this, the official profile, Fuerza del Pueblo, confirmed the events and detailed that the official was accused of the crimes of “abuse of office, speculation, and hoarding.”

“He was using the water trucks for his personal benefit to permanently supply his house, including a pool on his property. At the time of his arrest, he was also found with 75 liters of diesel and 20 liters of gasoline,” they specified.

“Total, one leaves and the next one is even worse, it’s not easy,” “Another corrupt person, everyone gets what they deserve,” and “This is the one who told people to buy the water trucks for 3000 pesos,” were some of the reactions.

This month, the veteran comptroller of the Cuban regime, Gladys Bejerano, 77, called the former Minister of Economy Alejandro Gil Fernández, who was removed from his post at the beginning of February this year and is under investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office, a “traitor and corrupt.”

Bejerano assured that the “acts of corruption” in the regime’s leadership were taken seriously regardless of the level of those accused.

“People don’t fall into corruption by parachute. It is a process: corruption is decomposition. It is a process of loss of values, self-esteem, self-respect (…). There are others who do it out of self-sufficiency, vanity, arrogance,” she noted.

In recent months, several directors and communist leaders have been removed from their posts or forced to resign due to acts of corruption.

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  1. Sure. And that fat cow Aleida Guevara, who’s only half Cuban, spends her life gorging on any food she wants, as much as she wants, while real Cubans have to scramble daily to get even crappy food to stay alive. I mean, what’s the point of being a regime functionary if you don’t take advantage of it, right?

    But yes, he looks like a total dirtbag. Imagine that.

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