Family of Cuban prisoner of conscience José Daniel Ferrer continues to be denied their right to visit him

José Daniel Ferrer and his children

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice

José Daniel Ferrer’s family tried again to visit him, but Castro, Inc. denied them access to him. Naturally, prison authorities made the family wait all day long only to send them home frustrated. Ferrer is in frail health, confined in an isolation cell. Oh, but the prison authorities allowed the family to leave behind a bag containing food, medicine, and hygiene products. Yeah. This is socialist compassion. There is absolutely no guarantee that Ferrer will receive any of the items his family struggled to bring to him.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Prison authorities once again denied a family visit on Monday to political prisoner José Daniel Ferrer García, confined in Mar Verde prison in Santiago de Cuba.

Nelva Ismaray Ortega, the wife of the opposition leader, explained to Martí Noticias that she went to Mar Verde prison accompanied by Fátima Victoria and Daniel José, their son, for the political prisoner’s scheduled visit.

According to Ortega, Ferrer was entitled to both a family visit and a conjugal visit, “and for the sixteenth time we were denied the family visit, and for the seventeenth time the conjugal visit.”

The Mar Verde authorities made the political prisoner’s family wait, and in the end, they were not allowed to see him, the woman reported.

“After such a long wait, they finally took us to an office, the same office as always, where visits used to take place, but now we can only deliver the bag with some food, medicine, and hygiene products.”

There they warned Ortega “that we would not be given the visit, once again, and that only the delivery of the bag we brought would be allowed.”

The wife of the political and conscientious prisoner recalled that “for more than a year, since March 7, 2023, we have not been granted family visits, and we have only had proof of my husband’s life on five occasions.”

“We were hopeful that, since both visits were scheduled together, we might be given that opportunity, even if just for two minutes; however, we were again denied that possibility,” she lamented.

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