Independent journalist Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca freed from prison, expelled from Cuba

Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca being arrested in 2019

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As it has done countless times before, Castro, Inc. has expelled a dissident from the island. Naturally, Castro, Inc. wants to be seen as benevolent. This prisoner was in poor health. But once again, Castro, Inc. has shown the world that it is among the most intolerant dictatorships on earth. This is what leftists everywhere are talking about when they trot out their sacred incantations for “social justice.”

Socialist social justice in action

Loosely translated from CubaNet

The arrival of the reporter marks the end of a period of imprisonment that has elicited international condemnation and concern. “Today, I received with deep emotion the news of the arrival in Miami of my friend and Cuban political prisoner Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca. After almost three years of unjust imprisonment, Yuri is finally free, though under the painful context of exile,” expressed Normando Hernández, general director of ICLEP.

Hernández shared a message received from Valle Roca’s wife, Eralidis Frómeta: “Good morning Normando, a hug. We are on flight 2678, landing at 10:35,” which filled him with hope and relief. Although he later lost communication with Frómeta, Hernández was able to confirm on the American Airlines website that flight 2678 from Havana was delayed by 20 minutes and was expected to arrive at 10:55 am.

Valle Roca’s exile was secured through a humanitarian parole arranged by his wife at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, under the condition imposed by Cuban intelligence services that he leave the country. On May 15, Valle Roca was taken by authorities from the Combinado del Este prison to complete immigration procedures and was later returned to prison where he remained until his release.

Normando Hernández called on various human rights organizations and the exile community to unite to facilitate Valle Roca’s integration into the Cuban exile community and ensure he receives the necessary medical attention to recover his physical and psychological health. He also requests support so that his daughter and grandchildren, who remain in Cuba, can be reunited with him in Miami.

“Valle Roca’s arrival in Miami marks the end of a painful chapter and the hope of a new beginning. His release is a reminder of the importance of international vigilance and pressure in the fight for human rights and freedom of expression. ICLEP celebrates his freedom, but also remembers that the fight for justice, human rights, freedom, and democracy in Cuba continues,” Hernández concluded.

In July 2022, Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca was sentenced to five years in prison by the Provincial Court of Havana for the alleged crimes of continuous enemy propaganda and resistance. The activist was involved in Case 3 of 2022, corresponding to file number 31, related to the release of leaflets with phrases by José Martí and Antonio Maceo demanding democratic reforms in Cuba, freedom for political prisoners, and an end to repression. The release of the leaflets was recorded and shared on social media by Valle Roca on June 14, 2021. The next day he was arrested and taken to the Zapata and C police unit. After a short time there, he was transferred to Villa Marista, the headquarters of Cuba’s State Security, and later to the Combinado del Este prison.

Throughout the reporter’s imprisonment, his wife and human rights defenders continued to denounce, in addition to the unjust sentence and violations in the judicial process, his delicate health condition that endangered his life, without him receiving medical attention.


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  1. Not an issue. His life does not matter, and wouldn’t even if he were overtly black (his old-school communist grandfather was a man of color). Nothing to see here.

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