Photo of the day: Dog left behind by migrating Cubans awaits their return at front door

From our Bureau of Four-Legged Victims of Communism with some assistance from our Bureau of Collateral Damage Caused by Weaponized Migration

So sad. A little dog that was abandoned by its owners before they emigrated spends the day standing at the door of what used to be its home in Havana. Castro, Inc. makes life miserable for every living being in Cuba, including all creatures large and small.

And even the non-sentient environment is made miserable. Look at that sidewalk. Look at the buildings. Castro, Inc. is a powerful destroyer of all things visible and invisible.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

The organization Cubans in Defense of Animals (CEDA) called on Cubans to think about the responsibility of having a pet, “sentient beings” that suffer greatly when they are abandoned.

The Cuban migration crisis has resulted in the abandonment of thousands of pets that now live disoriented on the streets of the island, lamented animal rights activists from this rescue group.

“The story repeats itself over and over again. People leave the country and leave behind such loyal animals, like this little dog that keeps standing at the door of what used to be its home,” CEDA noted in a Facebook post.

They report that their activists have seen “a little dog that just walks back and forth, comes running to greet you, but returns to a door, over and over again” for several days.

In that house, whose family emigrated, other people now live who do not let the dog in, the post details.

It states that the dog is thin from the hunger it endures daily and is not neutered.

CEDA has given it a dewormer and is looking for a family to adopt the loyal animal.

“We know these are difficult times, but if you are looking for a companion, and you know that if you leave Cuba, you will not abandon it. You can contact us to adopt this sweet little dog that is suffering so much,” the request states.


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