Cuban missile crisis 2.0? Putin threatens to supply long-range missiles to countries in ‘strategic locations’

Extremely Intense Déjà Vu

From our Russification of Cuba Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Extremely Intense Déjà Vu

Sagrada mierda de los puercos gadarenos! Czar Vlad the Invader warned Western nations that he is ready to deploy long-range missiles — including nuclear ones — to areas adjacent to any nation that supports Ukrainian resistance to his war of conquest. Naturally, this means Cuba is a prime location for such deployments. To increase the loudness of his saber-rattling, Czar Vlad is also sending Russian warships to Caribbean ports in Cuba and Venenozuela. Jar-Jar Biden’s response will most likely be “yeah, so what . . . no big deal . . . my Corvette is my fallout shelter . . .and the millions of illegal immigrants I’ve invited to cross the border will still pick lettuce for us, whether it’s radioactive or not . . .”

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Vladimir Putin warned on Wednesday that Russia might supply long-range missiles to third countries that would use these weapons to attack “strategic locations” in the territories of Western allies supplying arms to Ukraine. He described this as a “symmetrical” response to the delivery of Western weapons to Kyiv.

In an appearance before foreign media in St. Petersburg, the Kremlin leader, who did not specify which countries he was referring to, said that the West’s permission for Kyiv to use delivered weapons for the defense of its territory against Russian soil constitutes a “very dangerous step,” especially if those sending the weapons also “control” their use.

“Delivering weapons to a war zone is always bad,” said Putin, despite the Kremlin using drones from Iran and missiles from North Korea to attack Ukrainian cities.

Putin also stated that if Germany were to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine, which are long-range and capable of striking Moscow, Russo-German relations would be definitively destroyed.

Putin’s statements came on the same day that the United States reported tracking Russian ships and combat aircraft expected to arrive in the Caribbean in the coming weeks for a military exercise.

Two U.S. officials said on Wednesday that the maneuvers would be a show of force by Russia at a time when tensions are rising over Western military support for Ukraine.

The ships are also expected to make possible stops at ports in Venezuela and Cuba, as Russia establishes a military presence in the Western Hemisphere, which, according to senior officials in President Joe Biden’s administration, is noteworthy but not concerning.

The maneuvers, which will be closely monitored by the U.S. military, will include a “handful” of Russian ships and support vessels, the two officials said, as cited by AP.

The officials, who spoke to reporters on the condition of anonymity to provide details not publicly announced, said the exercise is “certainly” part of a broader Russian response to U.S. support for Ukraine, but it is also an attempt by Putin to demonstrate that his navy is still capable of projecting global power, despite losing significant units to accurate Ukrainian attacks.

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