Cuban dictatorship intensifies harassment of imprisoned dissident rapper Maykel Osorbo

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Thinly Camouflaged Socialist Methods of Execution

Castro, Inc. loves to eliminate dissidents through oblique methods of execution. Camouflage is always preferred. Outside of its gulag, “accidents” are the preferred method of execution, as in the case of Oswaldo Payá. Within the gulag, neglect of medical needs is top on the list. Not far behind on this list is the recruitment of criminal inmates as torturers and executioners. This second option seems to be the one Castro, Inc. has chosen for the elimination of Maykel Osorbo. Lord have mercy.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Harassment against Maykel Osorbo in prison took a new turn a few days ago, according to reports from close associates on social media.

Since the end of May, the rapper, kidnapped by the regime since 2021, has been facing a new situation with an inmate who follows the orders of the henchmen at Kilo 5 y Medio prison in Pinar del Río.

“It is well known that a few weeks ago, Maykel had a violent altercation with a common prisoner nicknamed ‘El Bemba’. After that, this inmate was transferred to another area and rewarded for the aggression against Maykel with a position as section chief,” the source detailed.

The initial conflict had subsided in recent weeks, however, the introduction of a new inmate known for his history of disrespect towards Osorbo threatens to bring tension back to the already strained prison environment.

The actions behind these moves point to a deliberate strategy of harassment, involving not only the inmates but also the prison management and administration.

“The primary responsibility falls on Lázaro Castillo, the head of the prison, and State Security, which monitors and dictates orders in the case of Maykel as a political prisoner,” stated the complaint made by the artist’s account.

For his part, in his own words, Maykel Osorbo reflected the firmness he maintains in his bitter reality: “He is there, and I am letting him be, I don’t interact with him, nor do I look at him. It’s not that I want or don’t want to have problems with him, it’s that he should not be next to me.”

It is important to remember that Maykel Osorbo was kidnapped by the dictatorship in May 2021 and since then, he has had to endure difficult situations within the dungeons, ranging from mistreatment by the guards (as well as by other inmates) to illnesses that have seriously endangered his life.

Sentenced to nine years in prison in 2022, the artist has never bowed his head to the dictatorship despite suffering the aforementioned hardships.

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