Is Cuban dictatorship relying on Russia to back up its repressive capabilities with nuclear weapons?

Fully armed Russian warship entering Havana harbor

From our Russification of Cuba Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Unexpected Twists and Turns In The Use of Nuclear Weapons by Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

According to Cuba Siglo 21, an exile think tank in Madrid, Castro, Inc. has asked Russia for nuclear missiles, and these are now being delivered by missile-carrying Russian military vessels. Moreover, this think tank is warning that the presence of these missiles in the Caribbean is not as much of a threat to the U.S. as it is to the Cuban people. Those missiles, they say, are meant to scare Cubans into believing that the U.S. will not dare to intervene in any massive response by Castro, Inc. to demonstrations of discontent by the Cuban people.

Such an analysis might sound ridiculous, but when it comes to second-guessing the motives of any move made by Castro, Inc. and its colonial master Grand Putinia, nothing should ever be ruled out as too ridiculous. After all, these regimes are two of the most intensely psychopathic dictatorships on earth. And the potential for a massive popular uprising in Castrogonia grows more likely with each passing day. Stay tuned.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

The think tank Cuba Siglo 21 warned that its own sources assure it that the Havana regime “has asked Putin for a Russian nuclear military presence this summer” to support the likely increase in repression, which is inevitable given the worsening crisis and potential social upheaval.

Referring to the arrival next week in the Cuban capital of a Russian combat group, consisting of a missile-carrying frigate and a nuclear submarine, the Madrid-based project indicated that this deployment aims to send “a message to the people of the Island (more than to Washington) that the US will not dare to come to their aid if Cuban blood is spilled in the streets of cities and towns. The Russian ships will be there to make a Tiananmen-like scenario possible in Cuba with impunity.”

“The Cuban oligarchy knows that this year, especially during the summer, it may face social explosions of great magnitude that will generate severe ungovernability on the Island. In these circumstances, it is militarizing the island’s institutions (relying on the little-studied Title X of the 2019 Constitution),” Cuba Siglo 21 stated in a text describing the current situation of terminal suffocation experienced by the regime.

“Raúl Castro has decided to sideline the structure of his mediocre and decapitalized civilian government and bring to the forefront the real power that until now hid in its shadow. GAESA and the FAR take the stage. Raúl Castro knows that his counterintelligence apparatus is incapable of countering the growing prospect of a probable popular rebellion, which is no longer promoted by organized opposition groups that were previously infiltrated and decapitated. Incapable of imagining another solution to such a challenge other than the massive use of lethal force against the population, he is preparing to do so under the complacent gaze of two warships and a Russian nuclear submarine,” it states.

According to the think tank, the promulgation this week of Resolution 9/2024 by the Ministry of the Armed Forces, which mandates the militarization of urban and rural civilian targets throughout the country, “is equivalent to placing the military structure above the civilian one throughout the Island, as envisaged in Title X of the 2019 Constitution. This grants powers to the commanders of these new entities to arbitrarily declare zones of military interest and create armed groups with pellet guns to protect them.”

“These are not measures to face an external invasion threat, but rather the anger and desperation of the people.”

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  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as that family and its acolytes are in power nothing is ever going to change. If Castro had anything going for him is that like the mean-spirited coward that he was, he had a singular instinct for survival and he has instilled that in his family and their followers. If Genghis Khan came back to life and became a world leader, the castro family would happily sell their ass to him in order to stay in power. They don’t care how much the country crumbles around them as long as they are in power and living in opulence.

    • Agreed. If the Antichrist himself came to power, they’d let him exploit Cuba as long as THEY were able to prosper.

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