As Cubans starve, dictatorship opens new beer keg plant for tourist market (thanks to Italian investors)

From our Bureau of Socialist Priorities with some assistance from our Bureau of Alcoholic Beverage Apartheid

Never mind what Cubans need. What matters most is what tourists need. Thank God for those Italian investors! Without their four million dollars, we could have never built this facility. Yes, these beer kegs are essential for the smooth functioning of our apartheid hotels, resorts, bars, and restaurants. Long live the Revolution. Socialism forever! Cheers! Salud! Cin-Cin! Prost! Santé! Slainte! Skal ! Za Zdorovye! Whatever! Down the hatch! Bottoms up! Whatever!

Loosely translated from CubaNet

The Cuban dictatorship inaugurated a new Bucanero S.A. brewery plant for keg packaging this Thursday in the city of Holguín, aiming to boost the brand’s commercial reach.

The construction was funded with an investment of about four million euros by the Italian company Comac.

A report from the state newspaper Adelante indicates that the investment, considered the largest in the factory over the past two decades, primarily aims to increase beer production volume and meet the high demand from tourism, gastronomy, and non-state management sectors in the country.

Erick Williams Abreu, General Director of Bucanero S.A., explained to ACN that this plant, along with another line of its kind, will have a production capacity of up to 475,000 hectoliters, approximately five million cases of beer, which can be produced next year.

The director assured that the kegs, with a capacity of 30 liters, will enhance the consumption experience by offering a greater variety of beer in restaurant, bar, and hotel dispensers, with the opportunity to offer several brands simultaneously to customers, including Cristal, Cristal Extra, and Bucanero.

Luis Miranda Bouillé, the brewery’s technical director, said that the new machinery aims to position Bucanero S.A. as a leader in the keg market in the Caribbean and Central America.

As part of the product’s marketing strategy, double-shot and tabletop dispensers will be used, and parallel investments are being made in glassware, cooling devices, trays, and dispensers.

Additionally, 1,800 of these types of equipment are expected to be installed this year, 863 of which are destined for tourism.

The company currently offers a portfolio of beers including Cacique, Mayabe, Cristal, Bucanero, and Bucanero malt, as well as premium products such as Bucanero Max, Cristal Extra, and Perla Negra malt.

Bucanero S.A., created in 1997, was built with the collaboration of the former German Democratic Republic and inaugurated in 1990 under the name Mayabe Brewery following a visit by the late dictator Fidel Castro.

According to the regime’s official press, the new plant aims to prepare the brewery for “the expansion of international tourism projected to exceed four million visitors per year,” a forecast that is far from being met, as the country has not yet reached even pre-pandemic figures in the sector.


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