Cuba’s hyper-slimy Foreign Minister cozies up to his Chinese masters on his way to cozying up with his Russian masters

Bruno “The Toad” and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Y, “The Dragon”

From our Bureau of The Slimiest, Most Reptilian Foreign Ministers On Earth with some assistance from our Bureau of Latrine American Whoredom On Steroids and our Bureau of Incessant Socialist Blabbering Between Colonial Masters and Their Enslaved Subalterns

Brunito “El Sapito” Rodriguez — Castro, Inc.’s despicable Foreign Minister — cuddled up to his Chinese counterparts, offering them total access to whatever they might want in Cuba. This is only the first stop in the reptilian minister’s globe-trotting tour of colonial masters who now own Castrogonia. Next stop, Russia. Of course. Czar Vlad has the top claim on Cuba. Brunito will most probably arrange for the shipping of Cuban mercenaries to Ukraine in exchange for hordes of Russian tourists who will keep Castro, Inc.’s apartheid tourism industry from imploding. God only knows what else he is offering to China and Grand Putinia. Lord have mercy.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The head of Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, exchanged praises and promises of support with officials from the Chinese regime on Thursday, during a visit as a special envoy of Miguel Díaz-Canel.

To his counterpart in the Asian nation, Wang Yi, he expressed that Havana “sincerely appreciates” the Chinese regime “for its firm support in resisting” the U.S. embargo, which he described as “unjustified” and which the regime blames for the precarious situation in which Cubans find themselves and the economic crisis caused by its failed policies.

However, the U.S. is the sixth-largest exporter to the Island, according to the 2022 Statistical Yearbook of Cuba, with figures published by the state-run National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI).

According to the state agency Xinhua, the Cuban Foreign Minister also thanked China for its help in “overcoming the temporary difficulties in economic operations” and promised that Havana “will continue to firmly adhere to the One China principle.”

“Cuba is willing to work with China to build a community of shared future between Cuba and China, prioritize the joint construction of the Belt and Road, and safeguard the sovereignty and independence of developing countries, as well as the cause of socialism,” stated Rodríguez Parrilla.

The Chinese minister asserted that both countries, governed by communist dictatorships, are “good friends who trust each other, good comrades who share the same vision, and good brothers who share joys and sorrows,” according to Xinhua.

The member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China added that the two sides reached an important consensus on jointly building a community of shared future between China and Cuba.

Wang Yi said that the Chinese regime “praises Cuba’s adherence to the truth and its challenge to power, and appreciates that Cuba always defends China’s legitimate position on international multilateral occasions.”

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